April 12, 2009 Podcast

12 Apr


If you’re looking for the New York Times article on the band Death I briefly mentioned in this weeks show, here it is.

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Time: 57:49
File Size: 75.1MB

Tracks played:
01. Adolescents – Pointless Teenage Anthem (OC Confidential)
02. A.N.S. – Skate Nazi (The Pool EP)
03. Dementia – Don’t Hesitate (Await Disaster EP)
04. Clorox Girls – Walks the Streets (Clorox Girls)
05. Raw Power – Police, Police (You Are the Victim)
06. Chronic Seizure – Fatal Lie (Ancient Wound)
07. Kill Your Idols – This Song Is About You (No Gimmicks Needed)
08. Dirty Needles – Justine’s A Junkie (single)
09. The Burnt – I Hate You (Where’s My Head?)
10. Jeff Dahl – Permanent Damage (The Powertrip EP)
11. Nihilistics – Kill Yourself (Nihilistics)
12. Quincy Punx – Kill Yourself (Stuck On Stupid)
13. Flatliners – Kill Yourself (What a Waste)
14. S.O.D. – Kill Yourself (Speak English Or Die)
15. Lewd – Kill Yourself (Kill Yourself… Again)
16. Poison Idea – New Rose (War All the Time)
17. General Foodz – Love Potion #9 (Be So Funny single)
18. Lethal Yellow – In the Mess (Declaration of Retardation EP)
19. Death – Freakin Out (For the Whole World to See)
20. Set To Explode – World Diseased (Set To Explode EP)
21. Libyans – We’re Coming (LP)
22. Shattered Faith – Final Conflict (Bootleg)
23. Violent Society – Why Do You Deny? (Not Enjoyin’ It)
24. Wretched Ones – Welcome To The East Coast (We Don’t Belong To Nobody)
25. Decontrol – Holiday In New Jersey (Songs From the Gut)
26. Black Market Baby – Drunk and Disorderly (Coulda… Shoulda… Woulda)
27. Disappointments – Drinking and Puking (Sex, Drugs and Puke EP)
28. Dehumanizers – Grandma (I’m a Drug Fiend) (Kill Lou Guzzo single)
29. Nobodys – You Make Me Wanna Drink (The Smell of Victory)
30. SS-20 – Drink Till You Drop (The Wealth of Nations)

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