April 19, 2009 Show

19 Apr


A slight miscalculation this week has the show going over its one hour time by a bit over 7 minutes. Still, D.I. and the New Bomb Turks in one show has to be a good thing, yeah?

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Time: 67:36
File Size: 92.8MB

Tracks played:
01. Brewtal Thirst – In Your Eyes (The Unquenchable EP)
02. Army of Jesus – Primer Fucking Grey (Book Bomb EP)
03. We Are the Rats – Not Afraid To Die (EP)
04. The Exploited – I Hate You (Horror Epics)
05. Police Bastard – Smash The Face (Traumatized)
06. The Detonators – Emergency Broadcast System (Yer Child’s War single)
07. State – I’m Dead (Nixed Life)
08. Saigon – Annihilation (EP)
09. Bad Lieutenants – Fuckers (Bad Lieutenants)
10. Antiseen – Commando (The Boys From Brutalsville)
11. F – I Saw Your Vision In a Three Car Collision (Four From 84)
12. Subculture – Change Today (Sound of Long Beach and Orange County compilation)
13. Tipper’s Gore – No Respect (Musical Holocaust)
14. Sgt. Slaughter – Home On the Strange (They Call Me Guitar Dickmouth EP)
15. Identity Crisis – Unseen Foe (Tied to the Tracks EP)
16. Mean Red Spiders – Diabolical (Last of the Teen Idols)
17. Weirdos – Destroy All Music (single)
18. Problematics – Teenage Kicks (The Kids All Suck)
19. Briefs – C’mon Squash Me Like a Bug (single)
20. D.I. – Hang Ten In East Berlin (Ancient Artifacts)
21. Spitzz – Take Me to the Hospital (single)
22. Trashmonkeys – Give That To Me (Smile)
23. New Bomb Turks – Look Alive Jive (Scared Straight)
24. Electric Frankenstein – Cut From the Inside (How to Make a Monster)
25. Makers – Nothing in No Time (The Makers
26. Exotic Ones – I Drink Your Blood, I Eat Your Skin (Go Ape Wild)
27. Normals – Almost Ready (single)
28. Channel 3 – I’ve Got A Gun (I’ve Got a Gun)
29. B.G.K. – White Male Dumbinance (A Dutch Feast)
30. Kremlin Korps – Holier Than Thou (Moscow’s Revenge)

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