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Blatant Dissent

27 May

After noticing that the link to my site from the Chicago Punk Database page on Blatant Dissent was broken, I reupped the album. Originally posted here in July of 2005, this is the only full-length album by the Chicago band that would later morph into one of my favorites, Tar. This album was given to […]

May 6, 2009 Show (late as usual)

06 May

[audio:] Right Click To Download Time: 58:38 File Size: 75.9MB Tracks played: 01. Adverts – Bored Teenagers (Crossing the Red Sea) 02. The News – Chop, Chop, Chop (Dirty Lies single) 03. Proud Scum – Suicide (AK 79 compilation) 04. Cardiac Kidz – Get Out (single) 05. D.O.A. – Get Out Of My Life (Something […]

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