May 6, 2009 Show (late as usual)

06 May


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Time: 58:38
File Size: 75.9MB

Tracks played:
01. Adverts – Bored Teenagers (Crossing the Red Sea)
02. The News – Chop, Chop, Chop (Dirty Lies single)
03. Proud Scum – Suicide (AK 79 compilation)
04. Cardiac Kidz – Get Out (single)
05. D.O.A. – Get Out Of My Life (Something Better Change)
06. Beat Beat Beat – Not So Innocent (Cheap Time single)
07. Guilty Faces – Some Things (1987 Demo)
08. Strung Up – Death By Cop (Strung Up EP)
09. Government Warning – Cutting Room Floor (No Moderation)
10. Christ On Parade- Chaos Breeder (Sounds of Nature)
11. Broken Needle – Sometimes (Broken Needle)
12. Bullet Lavolta – Sonic Reducer (Every Hungry Rabbit single)
13. Fugazi – Burning Too (Margin Walker/13 Songs)
14. Jawbox – Tools And Chrome (Grippe)
15. Government Issue – Man In A Trap (Complete History Volume 2)
16. Identity Crysis – Memories (Tied to the Tracks EP)
17. Dicks – I Hope You Get Drafted (1980-1986)
18. F-Minus – Party’s Over (F-Minus)
19. Bloodsport – Hangmans Dance (I Am the Game)
20. Citizens Arrest – In The Distance (A Light In the Darkness)
21. Regress – Nuclear Bomb (Look Who’s Pulling the Strings)
22. Discharge – Realities Of War (The Clay Punk Singles)
23. Down Syndrome – Pain And Hunger (Down Syndrome)
24. Gorilla Biscuits – Time Flies (Start Today)
25. Cro-Mags – Don’t Tread On Me (Age of Quarrel)
26. Strike Out – This Apathy Is Killing Me (Embrace)
27. Agitated – Death Warmed Over (New Hope compilation)
28. Zyklon-B – Terrorize the Schools (Death to Nazi Scum EP)
29. Fucked Up – Generation (Epics In Minutes)
30. Cause For Alarm – United Races (Cause For Alarm EP)

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