June 7, 2009 Show

07 Jun


It’s an all California lineup this week. It really is amazing how much good music can come out of one state, even if limited to just the Southern portion.

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Tracks played:
01. Bad Religion – We’re Only Gonna Die (How Could Hell Be Any Worse?)
02. Youth Brigade – Sink With California (Sink With Kalifornia)
03. D.I. – Hang Ten In East Berlin (Ancient Artifacts)
04. Circle Jerks – World Up My Ass (Group Sex)
05. Black Flag – Depression (Everything Went Black)
06. Bags – We Will Bury You (All Bagged Up)
07. Weirdos – Destroy All Music (Destroy All Music)
08. Germs – Richie Daggers Crime (MIA)
09. Mau Maus – We All Fall Down (Hell Comes To Your House 2 compilation)
10. The Skulls – Victims (What Stuff compilation)
11. Overkill – Burn the School (Hell’s Getting Hotter)
12. Middle Class – Out of Vogue (single)
13. Wasted Youth – Teenage Nark (Reagan’s In)
14. Stains – Get Revenge (Stains)
15. Crewd – We Don’t Give a Fuck (Gather Round EP)
16. Claude Coma and the IV’s – Junkman (single)
17. The Dickies – You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla) (single)
18. Eyes – TAQN (single)
19. Artistic Decline – Andy Warhol (single)
20. Deadbeats – Kill the Hippies (single)
21. Benedict Arnold and the Traitors – Kill the Hostages (single)
22. Modern Warfare – Dayglow (single)
23. Rik L Rik – Mercenaries (Beach Blvd. compilation)
24. Channel 3 – You Make Me Feel Cheap (I’ve Got a Gun)
25. China White – Dangerzone (single)
26. Red Cross – Annette’s Got The Hits (EP)
27. Flesh Eaters – Disintegration Nation (single)
28. Adolescents – Amoeba (Adolescents)
29. Absentees – Tryin’ To Mess With Me (single)
30. Social Distortion – Another State of Mind (Mommy’s Little Monster)

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