June 15th Show

15 Jun


This week is a tribute to our neighbors uo North. An all-Canadian show you ask? Yes indeed.

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Time: 61:41
File Size: 84.7MB

Tracks played:
01. Subhumans – Oh Canaduh (Death to the Sickoids)
02. Viletones – Danger Boy (Look Back In Anger EP)
03. Active Dog – Good Filthy Fun (single)
04. Gentlemen of Horror – God Knows You By Name (Sterling Death EP)
05. Down Syndrome – Solitary Confinement (Down Syndrome EP)
06. Hot Nasties – I Am a Confused Teenager (Invasion of the Tribbles)
07. SNFU – Real Men Don’t Watch Quincy (Real Men Don’t Watch Quincy EP)
08. Negative Gain – One Way Livin’ (Back From the Dead)
09. Death Sentence – Dawn Of The Dead (Not a Pretty Sight)
10. Crash Kills Five – Special School (What Do You Do At Night?)
11. Genetic Control – 1984 (First Impressions EP)
12. Neos – Life Sentence (End All Discrimination EP)
13. Sons of Ishmael – Mr. Personality (Hayseed Hardcore)
14. Bill of Rights – What Do You Say (Meltdown EP)
15. Dry Heaves – Portable (Shoot Yourself single)
16. Personality Crisis – The Look (1979-1984)
17. Forgotten Rebels – Angry (Burning the Flag EP)
18. Stretch Marks – Force Fucker (Who’s In Charge EP)
19. Diodes – Tired of Waking Up Tired (single)
20. M.S.I. – Shopping Mall Massacre (More Stupid Initials EP)
21. D.O.A. – D.O.A (Hardcore 81)
22. Dayglo Abortions – Proud To Be A Canadian (Feed US A Fetus)
23. Fucked Up – Last Man Standing (Epics In Minutes)
24. Flesh Columns – Time’s Up (Sehweigew Vor Dem Sturm single)
25. Hanson Brothers – Blitzkreig Hops (Gross Misconduct)
26. NoMeansNo – Dad (Sex Mad)
27. Braineaters – Edge (Braineater single)
28. Brutal Knights – Your Fired, I Quit (Feast of Shame)
29. Career Suicide – Saving Face (Attempted Suicide)
30. Terminal State – Your Rules (single)

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