June 28, 2009 Show

28 Jun


Keeping with the theme of the past couple of shows, this week I concentrated on one particular area. Massachusetts has a great history in punk and hardcore, and I swear this isn’t just one long Taang! commercial. I can’t help it if they put out some amazing records. If the recording this week is a bit off I apologize, after a reformat I still haven’t adjusted my microphone quite right.

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Time: 64:51
File Size: 86.1MB

Tracks played:
01. Jerry’s Kids – Torn Apart (Kill Kill Kill)
02. Gang Green – Kill A Commie (Preschool)
03. The FU’s Civil Defense (Kill For Christ)
04. Groinoids – Angel (This Is Boston, Not L.A. compilation)
05. Blood Vessels – Catholic Zombies (Blood Vessels)
06. The Not – Kids Survive (Kids Survive EP)
07. Mission of Burma – That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate (Vs)
08. General Foodz – Be So Funny (single)
09. Gremies – No Surfin’ In Dorchester Bay (single)
10. Dennis Most and the Instigators – Excuse My Spunk (single)
11. The Freeze – So Long Ago (Land of the Lost)
12. Bastard Squad – Road Crew (I’ve Got My Friends compilation)
13. DYS – More Than Fashion (Brotherhood)
14. Deep Wound – Time to Stand (Bands That Could Be God compilation)
15. Siege – Conform (Drop Dead)
16. Wrecking Crew – Balance of Terror (1987-1991)
17. Impact Unit – Dead Meat (My Friend the Pit)
18. SSD – Police Beat (The Kids Will Have Their Say)
19. Negative FX – Out Of Our Minds (Negative FX/Last Rights compilation)
20. Slapshot – No Time Left (Step On It)
21. Broken Toys – Smash Some Pumpkins (single)
22. Showcase Showdown – Oi Oi Deacon (Appetite of Kings)
23. Lemomheads – Hate Your Friends (Hate Your Friends)
24. Pinkerton Thugs – Don’t Tread On Me (End of an Era)
25. Proletariot – Instinct (Voodoo Economics)
26. Bullet LaVolta – Auto Pilot (Bullet LaVolta EP)
27. Spitzz – I’m Not Alive (single)
28. Mongrel – Shut Your Mouth (Open Your Eyes) (Fear, Lies and Propaganda)
29. Vile – I’m a Punk (Solution)
30. Libyans – Welcome To The Neighborhood (EP)

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