June 28, 2009 Show

28 Jun


Keeping with the theme of the past couple of shows, this week I concentrated on one particular area. Massachusetts has a great history in punk and hardcore, and I swear this isn’t just one long Taang! commercial. I can’t help it if they put out some amazing records. If the recording this week is a bit off I apologize, after a reformat I still haven’t adjusted my microphone quite right.

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Time: 64:51
File Size: 86.1MB

Tracks played:
01. Jerry’s Kids – Torn Apart (Kill Kill Kill)
02. Gang Green – Kill A Commie (Preschool)
03. The FU’s Civil Defense (Kill For Christ)
04. Groinoids – Angel (This Is Boston, Not L.A. compilation)
05. Blood Vessels – Catholic Zombies (Blood Vessels)
06. The Not – Kids Survive (Kids Survive EP)
07. Mission of Burma – That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate (Vs)
08. General Foodz – Be So Funny (single)
09. Gremies – No Surfin’ In Dorchester Bay (single)
10. Dennis Most and the Instigators – Excuse My Spunk (single)
11. The Freeze – So Long Ago (Land of the Lost)
12. Bastard Squad – Road Crew (I’ve Got My Friends compilation)
13. DYS – More Than Fashion (Brotherhood)
14. Deep Wound – Time to Stand (Bands That Could Be God compilation)
15. Siege – Conform (Drop Dead)
16. Wrecking Crew – Balance of Terror (1987-1991)
17. Impact Unit – Dead Meat (My Friend the Pit)
18. SSD – Police Beat (The Kids Will Have Their Say)
19. Negative FX – Out Of Our Minds (Negative FX/Last Rights compilation)
20. Slapshot – No Time Left (Step On It)
21. Broken Toys – Smash Some Pumpkins (single)
22. Showcase Showdown – Oi Oi Deacon (Appetite of Kings)
23. Lemomheads – Hate Your Friends (Hate Your Friends)
24. Pinkerton Thugs – Don’t Tread On Me (End of an Era)
25. Proletariot – Instinct (Voodoo Economics)
26. Bullet LaVolta – Auto Pilot (Bullet LaVolta EP)
27. Spitzz – I’m Not Alive (single)
28. Mongrel – Shut Your Mouth (Open Your Eyes) (Fear, Lies and Propaganda)
29. Vile – I’m a Punk (Solution)
30. Libyans – Welcome To The Neighborhood (EP)

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2 Responses to “June 28, 2009 Show”

  1. 1
    Mike E. Says:

    I am one of the converted. I was never a huge Boston fan, but over the past few years . . . I went to the darkside. Everybody Out! is one of the best of the “new” punk albums in the past decade. And Gang Green still sounds as good today as they did 20 or 30 years back!!

  2. 2
    theonlytruepunk Says:

    Boston has had some of my all time fave bands(I say that a lot). Stranglehold, the Oysters, DMZ, Jerry’s Kids, Gang Green, the Freeze, and all the bands you have given us today. I praise thee, Scott.

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