September 6, 2009 Show

06 Sep


This is the “pretend I wasn’t on hiatus” edition of the show.

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Time: 70:02
File Size: 96.2MB

Tracks played:
01. Sanity Assassins – Step Right Up (Best Of 1989-1993)
02. The Dark – Einstein’s Brain (Best of The Dark)
03. T.S.O.L. – Code Blue (Dance With Me)
04. The Lewd – Dressed In Black (Kill Yourself… Again)
05. Condemned to Death – Dismember Me (Condemned to Death EP)
06. Panty Sniffers – Mullet (Complete Discography 2001-2007)
07. A.N.S. – Skate Zombies Must Shred (The Pool EP)
08. The Freeze – Trouble If You Hide (Rabid Reaction)
09. Belching Penguin – Forget The World (Draft Beer… Not Me)
10. Faction – Let’s Go Get Cokes (Collection 1982-1985)
11. Destructors 666 – Action, Time, Vision (split with Danger’s Close)
12. The Casualties – Rise and Fall (We Are All We Have)
13. 86 Mentality – Degenerate (Final Exit)
14. Set To Explode – World Diseased (Set To Explode EP)
15. Kill Your Idols – Walk Away (No Gimmicks Needed)
16. Dennis Most and the Instigators – Excuse My Spunk (single)
17. Dennis Most – Don’t Take Me For Granted, Janet (Indiana Roadkillarama)
18. Das Klown – Close Encounter (Antidote)
19. Punks Not Dad – In Me Shed (single)
20. Cockney Rejects – Police Car (Greatest Hits volume 1)
21. Official Hooligans – Brain Removal (Official Hooligans EP)
22. The Registrators – Monkey (Rare Tracks)
23. Dementia – Don’t Hesitate (Await Disaster EP)
24. Direct Control – Police Threat (split with Strung Up)
25. Idiots – Cry Me a River (Evil Knievel)
26. Jay Reatard – It Ain’t Gonna Save Me (Watch Me Fall)
27. Fabulous Disaster – Viva La Prozac! (I’m a Mess)
28. Lost Kids – Cola Freaks (single)
29. The Panics – Drugs Are For Thugs (Please Panic!!)
30. Motherfucker 666 – She’s Outta the Scene (single)

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