October 13, 2009 Show

13 Oct


It’s the first week with the a new show schedule, and the first show played over at Punk Radio Cast. Requests? Send ’em in.

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Time: 62:53
File Size: 90.9MB

Tracks played:
01. Gang Green – I Don’t Know (Preschool)
02. Idiots – The Fix (Evel Knievel)
03. Eddie and the Subtitles – American Society (Fuck You Eddie)
04. Sado Nation – Fight Back (We’re Not Equal)
05. Picture Frame Seduction – No Way (Stop the Bloody Slaughter)
06. Shirkers – Drunk & Disorderly (single)
07. Annihilation Time – Teenage Rebel (II)
08. Government Warning – Blurred Yellow Line (Paranoid Mess)
09. Found Dead In Trunk – Combat Zone (Keresone Cocktail)
10. G.B.H. – The Prayer of a Realist (City Baby Attacked By Rats)
11. Bomber – Used (demo)
12. Part Time Christians – Strength Through Bowling (Rock and Roll Is Disco)
13. Forced Anger – Colored Rectangles (Pent Up)
14. Sacred Order – The Right To Be Poor & Radical (Buried Alive compilation)
15. D.I. – Nuclear Funeral (Team Goon)
16. Army of Jesus – Eternal Fuckup (Rats In the Wall EP)
17. Neos – Churchgoer’s Motive (End All Discrimination)
18. Double Negative – Excited About Myself (Raw Energy EP)
19. Faction – I Decide For Me (1982-1985)
20. Vicious Circle – Trapped (Search For the Solution)
21. Corrupted Morals – American Dream (Cheese It)
22. Rabies – Shasted (No Bullshit Volume 2 compilation)
23. Worst – Go To Hell (Expect the Worst)
24. Dirty Needles – Justine’s A Junkie (single)
25. Vandals – Anarchy Burger (Hold the Government) (Peace Thru Vandalism)
26. The Left – Youngster On the Force (Jesus Loves The Left)
27. Spitzz – Take Me to the Hospital (single)
28. New Bomb Turks – Up for a Downslide (Destroy Oh Boy!)
29. Hanson Brothers – Four Heads, One Brain (It’s a Living)
30. Facialz – Abortion Punch (Facial Humiliation)

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