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November 24, 2009 Show

25 Nov

Right Click To Downloadмебели варна Time: 71:35 File Size: 98.3MB Tracks played: 01. Koro – James Hood (Speed Kills) 02. MDC – Selfish Shit (Multi Death Corporations EP) 03. Bill of Rights – What Do You Say (Meltdown EP) 04. Briefs – Piss On The Youth (Off the Charts) 05. Disconvenience – Grab, Twist, Pull […]

Jean-Luc Gaudry, Headline Records – Interview

20 Nov

If you like punk, and you live in L.A., Headline Records is the place to go to. When I have friends from out of town, I make a point to drive down to Melrose. Jean-Luc has seen the scene grow from an international standpoint. And if you have a chance, listen to him talk. Like […]

November 10, 2009

10 Nov

A repeat from March 9, 2008. Due to a cold that’s going after my throat at the moment my voice is shot. Unless this turns swine I’ll be back next week with a new one. Right Click To Download Time: 52:00 File Size: 50.6MB Tracks played: 01. Simpletones – Don’t Bother Me (Beach Blvd. compilation) […]

November 3, 2009 Show

04 Nov

Right Click To Download Time: 59:51 File Size: 82.20MB Tracks played: 01. The Jabbers – Don’t Talk to Me (American Standard) 02. BGK – Police Crimes (A Dutch Feast) 03. Child Abuse – Im Lazy (Bring It) 04. Death Sentence – Dawn Of The Dead (Not a Pretty Sight) 05. Dementia – Dont Hesitate (Await […]

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