November 3, 2009 Show

04 Nov


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Time: 59:51
File Size: 82.20MB

Tracks played:
01. The Jabbers – Don’t Talk to Me (American Standard)
02. BGK – Police Crimes (A Dutch Feast)
03. Child Abuse – Im Lazy (Bring It)
04. Death Sentence – Dawn Of The Dead (Not a Pretty Sight)
05. Dementia – Dont Hesitate (Await Disaster EP)
06. Kraut – Unemployed (Complete Studio Recordings)
07. Fun Things – Lipstick (Fun Things EP)
08. Cheifs – Drowning (Holly-West Crisis)
09. Law and Order – Soldier Of Fortune (Anthing But the Critics Choice)
10. Minor Threat – Look Back and Laugh (Complete)
11. JFA – I Want (Mad Garden EP)
12. Freeze – Wont Come Back (Land of the Lost)
13. Gay Cowboys In Bondage – Rip Off (The Completely Silly Discography)
14. Zany Guys – No Way Dude (This is Phoenix Not the Circle Jerks compilation)
15. The Enemy – Bang Bang You’re Dead (single)
16. Fear – Now You’re Dead (single)
17. Not For Sale – So What (S/T)
18. Mr. T Experience – A Mind Is a Terrible Thing (Night Shift at the Thrill Factory)
19. Subhumans – Helicopter (No Wishes, No Prayers)
20. Symbol Six -Taxation (Symbol Six EP)
21. Bad Posture – G.D.M.F.S.O.B. (demo) (GDMFSOB)
22. The Criminals – Dial H For Homewrecker (Never Been Caught)
23. Hummungus – I Hate Motherfuckin’ Cops (Counter Attack compilation)
24. Warkrime – Acid Reign (Tighten Up EP)
25. Scurvy Dogs – Botoxicated (Relieve Yourself)
26. FU’s – Walking Tall (Do We Really Want to Hurt You)
27. Crewd – We Don’t Give a Fuck (Gather ‘Round EP)
28. Social Spit – Drugz (Psycho Ward EP)
29. Sluggo – Erase The Thought (Contradiction EP)
30. Bill of Rights – Blind Society (Meltdown EP)

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