The Clash Show (a repeat from 2007)

04 Dec


A repeat this week. I was going to try to tie in a Clash show with Mike’s post, but realized I’d already done one back in 2007. So, I’ll repeat what I said the first time around: if you don’t like The Clash you won’t like this week’s show. If you do though, there’s some decent rarities in there.

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Time: 65:48
File Size: 90.3MB

Tracks played:
01. London Calling (Amsterdam 1981)
02. Police On My Back (US Festival 1983)
03. Janie Jones (Japan 1982)
04. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais (New York 1981)
05. London’s Burning (Polydor Demo)
06. 1977 (Birmingham 1976)
07. Garageland (Rude Boy rehearsal)
08. White Riot (Promotional video)
09. 48 Hours (1977)
10. I Fought The Law (1978)
11. Protex Blue (Cardiff 1977)
12. Mark Me Absent (1976)
13. Tommy Gun (Rude Boy)
14. Career Opportunities (Foote Demo)
15. The Prisoner (Alternate Take)
16. Clampdown (Palladium 1979)
17. Know Your Rights (Alt. Mix)
18. Magnificent Seven (Original Mix)
19. Kill Time (unreleased, from the Combat Rock alt. mix “Rat Patrol At Fort Bragg”)
20. Straight to Hell (Jamaica 1982)

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