January 26, 2010 Show

26 Jan


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Time: 61:58
File Size: 66.0MB

Tracks played:
01. Sector 4 – Jump On You (Disclexia)
02. Personality Crisis – Scavengers (1979-1984)
03. D.O.A. – Get Out Of My Life (Something Better Change)
04. Disappointments – Less Than Three (Reasons To Revolt)
05. Voids – My Rules (Kill a Generation)
06. Token Entry – Jaybird (The Reissues)
07. Billyclub – Couch Boy (Split with GBH)
08. Black Flag – Best One Yet (Loose Nut)
09. Circus Lupus – And You Won (Solid Brass)
10. Government Issue – Mad At Myself (Complete History Volume 2)
11. Plain Wrap – For What It’s Worth (Original Music For a Generic World)
12. Descendents – Suburban Home (Milo Goes To College)
13. Showcase Showdown – The Devil Speaks French (I’ve Got My Friends compilation)
14. GG Allin – A Fuck Up (Singles Collection)
15. Queers – Get Over You (Surf Goddess EP)
16. Cause For Alarm – Time To Try (Cause For Alarm EP)
17. Das Klown – Sellout (Antidote)
18. Vicious Circle – Trapped (Search For the Solution)
19. Scared Straight – Unity (Born To Be WIld EP)
20. SNFU – Strip Search (Real Men Don’t Watch Quincy EP)
21. Chaos UK – Used And Abused (Radio Earslaughter)
22. Government Warning – Urban Warfield (Paranoid Mess)
23. Set To Explode – World Diseased (Set To Explode EP)
24. Life Crisis – Unpeaceful Protest (Raw Aggression compilation)
25. Hands Tied – Nothing Can Compare (Hands Tied EP)
26. Trashmonkeys – Give That To Me (Smile)
27. Dennis Most – Psychotic Reaction (Indiana Roadkillarama)
28. Flesh Eaters – Ten Inch Razor (No Questions Asked)
29. Lewd – Scum Of The Earth (Kill Yourself… Again)
30. Frantix – My Dad’s A Fuckin’ Alcoholic (EP)

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