February 16, 2010 Show

16 Feb


If you like the Night Birds song this week, and you should, check them out on Myspace and buy their demo from Alex over at Grave Mistake.

Stay tuned to the show this week to win some free music on fancy schmancy compact discs.

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Length of Show: 70:12
File Size: 77.8MB

Tracks played:
01. Night Birds – Living in the Middle (Demo)
02. Tricky Dick – Unwanted (Discography)
03. Cleveland Bound Death Sentence – Good Thing (S/T)
04. The Retardos – Been There Done That (S/T)
05. Screw 32 – Broken (Under the Influence of Bad People)
06. Krum Bums – No Apologies (Same Old Story)
07. Gang Green – This Job Sucks (Taang! Years)
08. Career Suicide – Recipe For Disaster (Attempted Suicide)
09. D.O.A. – Police Brutality (Northern Avenger)
10. Broken Bottles – I’ll Dress You (Hospital)
11. Bl’ast! – Break It Down (The Power of Expression)
12. Broken Bones – Teenage Kamikaze (F.O.A.D.)
13. Rabies – The Man With the Flute (Disease Core EP)
14. Everything Falls Apart – Different Danger (Tension EP)
15. Lights Out – Just Like You (Overload)
16. Dissent – Push-Button Society (Boy Eats Own Head EP)
17. The Essentials – Turn Off Your Radio (Fast Music In a Slow Town EP)
18. Hubble Bubble – Come With Us (Faking)
19. The Wongs – Painful Love (Reanimate My Baby)
20. The Nobodys – A Girl Like You (The Smell of Victory)
21. Briard – Fuck the Army (single)
22. Misguided – State Of War (Bringing It Down single)
23. Mau Maus – Unforgotten (Facts of War EP)
24. UK Subs – Warhead (Before You Were Punk)
25. Witches With Dicks – One Whopper For The Copper (Manual)
26. Blatz – Homemade Speed (A Touch of Blatz)
27. Corrupted Morals – Peer Pressure (Chet EP)
28. Reagan Youth – Anytown (Punk Rock New York)
29. Sanity Assassins – Step Right Up (Best Of 1989-1993)
30. Hammer Bros – Years (The Kids Are Dead EP)

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