March 8, 2010 Show

14 Mar


The intro music stutters, I know. I have absolutely no idea what’s causing that. Congrats to the 4 who got free discs, sorry I took a week longer than expected. Thanks for listening!

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Time: 63:44
File Size: 70.3MB

Tracks played:

01. Deep Sleep – Out Of Time (Paranoid Futures)
02. Bad Brains – Right Brigade (Rock For Light)
03. Condemned to Death – Dismember Me (EP)
04. Bored to Death – No Start No End (EP)
05. Raw Power – Hate (You Are the Victim)
06. Hatepinks – Tupperware Love (Plastic Bag Ambitions)
07. Keith Richards Overdose – Skinny Jeans
08. The Mansons – I Died Four Times (single)
09. Rock Bottom And The Spys – Rich Girl (single)
10. Send Help – Sex With Sheep (You Don’t Fit EP)
11. Lights Out – Another Look (Get Out)
12. GBH – State Executioner (Punk Singles 1981-1984)
13. Mau Maus – Facts of War (EP)
14. Bastard Squad – Road Crew (I’ve Got My Friends compilation)
15. Found Dead In Trunk – Let’s Hate (Kerosene Cocktail)
16. GG King – Adult Rock (single)
17. Capital Scum – Final Nail In My Coffin (Clutch the Flag)
18. Subhumans (CA) – America Commits Suicide (No Wishes, No Prayers)
19. White Pigs – Pigs Theme (EP)
20. Upright Citizens – Feel My Fate (Make the Future Mine and Yours)
21. MDC – My Family Is a Little Weird (Millions of Dead Cops)
22. The Geeks – Still I Stay The Same (What’s Inside EP)
23. Secret Hate – Midas Touch (Vegetables Dancing EP)
24. Verbal Assault – Running (Trial)
25. Negative Gain – Night Stalker (Back From the Dead)
26. Government Issue – Even When You’re Here (Complete History Volume 1)
27. Bad Religion – Faith In God (How Could Hell Be Any Worse?)
28. Bum Kon – Questions (Drunken Sex Sucks)
29. Serial Killers – 20th Century Cannibal (Gary Heidnik’s House of Horrors single)
30. Twats – Death Of Cuteness (Hell In My Pants)

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