April 5, 2010 Show

06 Apr


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Time: 61:01
File Size: 67.8MB

Tracks played:
01. Acid Reflux – Not Another Day (Secret Power EP)
02. Rats Eyes – Plant Your Bones (single)
03. Dr. Know – Mr. Freeze (Plug-In Jesus)
04. Poison Idea – Pure Hate (Pick Your King)
05. The Mob – We Can (Upset the System EP)
06. Violent Arrest – Killing For A Living (Minute Manifestos)
07. Fed Up – Spineless (Read Between the Lines)
08. The Dwarves – Let’s Fuck (Blood, Guts & Pussy)
09. Corrupted Ideals – Stop The Production (At War With Society compilation)
10. Found Dead In Trunk – Prescription For Suicide (Keresone Cocktail)
11. Negative FX – Show The Way (Negative FX/Last Rights CD)
12. Wrecking Crew – What Do You Mean? (1987-1991)
13. The New Enemy – Crawdaddy! (Shakedown EP)
14. Only Crime – Eyes Of The World (Virulence)
15. The Problematics – Everythings Gonna Be Alright (The Kids All Suck)
16. Criminal Sex – Steal Your Car (Gangster EP)
17. Crap Detectors – Police State (single)
18. Subculture – Change Today (Clockwork Orange County compilation)
19. Wards – Six O’Clock (The World Ain’t Pretty and Neither Are We EP)
20. Das Klown – Police Truck (The Day the Clown Cried EP)
21. First Offense – Cigarette Bummer (First Offense EP)
22. White Flag – I Think I Love You (R Is For Rocket)
23. US Bombs – Isolated Ones (The World)
24. Manic Hispanic – Mommy’s Little Cholo (The Recline of Mexican Civilization)
25. Upright Citizens – Now or Never (Bombs of Peace EP)
26. Psycho – Kids Are For Tricks (Complete Studio Recordings)
27. Clitboys – No Such Thing (We Don’t Play the Game EP)
28. Yum Yum Tree – T.V. Dinner (Riot Up Your Ass EP)
29. Destructors 666 – Lexicon Devil (Pow! That’s Killmusik 666)
30. Bratbeaters – Sad But True (This Ain’t Plastic Music)

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