April 12, 2010 Show

12 Apr


Time: 64:59
File Size: 70.6MB

Tracks played:
01. T.S.O.L. – Man And Machine (Thoughts of Yesterday)
02. Negative Trend – Never Say Die (The Pop Sessions)
03. Dead Ends – Nightmare (Complaints)
04. Lost Cause – Born Dead (Lost Cause EP)
05. Sluggo – Erase The Thought (Contradiction EP)
06. No Pigs – Shoplifting (No Pigs EP)
07. Dead Silence – Rock the Vote (Hell, How Could We Make More Money Than This?)
08. Sgt. Slaughter – The State (They Call Me Guitar Dickmouth)
09. Double Negative – Outstanding Achievements in the Fields of Excellence (Raw Energy EP)
10. Annihilation Time – Thanks Anyway (II)
11. Dehumanizers – Everybody Fight (Kill Lou Guzzo)
12. Die Kreuzen – In School (Cows and Beer EP)
13. Street Trash – What the Shit? (Street Trash EP)
14. Husker Du – Blah, Blah, Blah (Everything Falls Apart)
15. Flesh Columns – Where Did They Go? (Sehweigew Vor Dem Sturm EP)
16. The Plasmatics – Butcher Baby (single)
17. Los Punkrockers – God Save The Queen (Exitos de los Sex Pistols)
18. Seminal Rats – Call Me Animal (The Essential)
19. Youth Gone Mad – Ode To Darby (Yesterdays Innocence)
20. Zombie Squad – Surfing With The Contras (Single)
21. Circle Jerks – Back Against the Wall (Group Sex)
22. Showcase Showdown – Bouffant Headbutt (Split w/ Twerps)
23. Stukas Over Bedrock – Life Like Yogi (Back to the Stone Age)
24. The Vindictives – This Is My Face (The Many Moods Of…)
25. Dennis Most – Police Car (Indiana Roadkillarama)
26. Dogshit Sandwich – I Hate Religion (Murdering Bastards)
27. Tipper’s Gore – Don’t Sell Me God (First Four Months)
28. SNFU – Get Off Your Ass (…And No One Else Wanted to Play)
29. Virus Nine – Working (What Are You Afraid Of?)
30. Dicks – Nobody Asked Me (Peace)

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