June 21, 2010 Show

23 Jun


Yeah, I’ve been away. Don’t ask. I’m back though!

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Time: 61:20
File Size: 64.6MB

Tracks played:
01. Capitol Punishment – Ballad of a Broken Home (When Putsch Comes to Shove)
02. Insurgent Kid – Paranoia (Paranoia)
03. Rats Eyes – Revenge Quest (7″)
04. The Fix – Off To War (Jan’s Room EP)
05. Geeks – As We Speak (What’s Inside EP)
06. Pedestrians – Everything Is Lost (Ideal Divide)
07. Bodies – I Gotta Go (Addicted to You)
08. Direct Control – Fake (No Bullshit Volume 1 compilation)
09. Schoolgirl Bitch – Abusing the Rules (single)
10. Scott Baio Army – I Stayed Out Past Curfew (Join the Army EP)
11. Rabies – Feast (Test Your Might)
12. The Burnt – I Hate You (Where’s My Head?)
13. Bones – Cops Working Hard (In a Sick Society)
14. Terminal State – Hit Me (Panic Attack)
15. Total Abuse – No Release (Sex Pig EP)
16. Bomber – Used (Mourning)
17. Second Wind – Knock On Wood (Security)
18. Skeezicks – No Second Chance (There’s a Charlie Brown in Every One of Us)
19. Stalag 13 – Clean Up Your Act (In Control)
20. Brutal Knights – Your Fired, I Quit (Feast of Shame)
21. Riot/Clone – Don’t Give Me Your Shit (Success)
22. Abrasive Wheels – Voice Of Youth (The Riot City Years)
23. Blitz – Propaganda (Voice of a Generation)
24. 4-Skins – Jealousy (The Good, the Bad and the 4-Skins)
25. Cockney Rejects – Police Car (Greatest Hits Volume 1)
26. Broken Bones – Teenage Kamikaze (F.O.A.D.)
27. Buried In Leather – Cold (We Are Gone)
28. Socialcide – Your Lost Cause (Sick of Pressure EP)
29. Set to Explode – World Diseased (Set to Explode EP)
30. SOA – Gonna Have To Fight (No Policy EP)

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