July 20, 2010 Show

20 Jul


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Time: 74:06
File Size: 84.8MB

Tracks played:
01. Bark Hard – No Will Power (Bark Hard)
02. Walking Toxins – Homeless, Jobless (Infant Envy)
03. Kill Your Idols – After All (No Gimmicks Needed)
04. DRI – War Crimes (Dirty Rotten LP)
05. Death Sentence – Death Squad (Not a Pretty Sight)
06. Acid Reflux – Paid To Ruin Fun (Secret Power EP)
07. Kids Like Us – Skate and Annoy (The 80’s Are Dead)
08. Fed Up – Motions (Read Between the Lines EP)
09. Terminal State – Panic Attack (Panic Attack EP)
10. Deep Sleep – Out Of Time (Paranoid Futures EP)
11. Agent Orange – Message From The Underworld (Surfing to Some Fucked Up Shit)
12. Weirdos – A Life of Crime (Destroy All Music)
13. Bags – Survive (All Bagged Up)
14. Middle Class – Situations (A Blueprint For Joy)
15. Gears – Teenage Brain (Rockin’ at Ground Zero)
16. The Essentials – I Don’t Get (Fast Music In a Slow Town EP)
17. JFA – Mad Garden (Mad Garden EP)
18. Sanity Assassins – Put Up Or Shut Up (Best of 1989-1993)
19. Stalag 13 – Clean Up Your Act (In Control)
20. The Grim – Old Enough (Getting Revenge in ‘merica EP)
21. MDC – Let’s Kill All The Cops (Magnus Dominus Corpus)
22. Dayglo Abortions – Courage In A Can (Two Dogs Fucking)
23. Dead Virgins – Rape Capitol Hill (Instructions) (Four EP)
24. Victim’s Family – Screw In A Lightbulb (Apocalicious)
25. Violent Arrest – Down The Drain (Everything So Far)
26. Adicts – Over There (Life Goes On)
27. Vindictives – I Remember You (Leave Home)
28. Government Issue – Even When You’re Here (Complete History Volume 1)
29. Pedestrians – Flag of Yesterday (Pedestrians EP)
30. The Crewd – We Don’t Give a Fuck (Gather ’round)

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