July 27, 2010 Show

27 Jul


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Time: 61:36
File Size: 81.5MB

Tracks played:

01. The Dark – Bullet In A Gun (Best of The Dark)
02. The Pack – St. Teresa (Long Live the Past EP)
03. Blanks – Break Down (Northern Ripper single)
04. Toxic Reasons – War Hero (single)
05. The Varukers – Led To The Slaughter (The Punk Singles)
06. Panics – I Wanna Kill My Mom (Please Panic!!)
07. Shitlickers – Leader of the Fuckin’ Arseholes (Cracked Cop Skulls)
08. Buried In Leather – Cold (We Are Gone)
09. Time to Escape – Blood’s Not Thick Enough (Demo)
10. Urban Waste – No Hope (Urban Waste EP)
11. Hatepinks – Let’s Be Selfish (Sehr Gut Rock und Roll)
12. The Nobodys – I’m Ugly (The Smell of Victory)
13. Night Birds – Send Me Home (Demo)
14. Cadillac Kidz – Establishment Bash (VA – We Went and Recorded it Anyway)
15. No-Talents – A.M.O.U.R (Want Some More!)
16. Hollywood Squares – Hillside Strangler (single)
17. Raw Aggression – John Wayne Gacy (VA – Chaotic Mess)
18. Hated Youth – Ted Bundy (Hardcore Rules)
19. Consumers – Ballad to the Son of Sam (All My Friends Are Dead)
20. Serial Killers – Gary Heidnek’s House of Horrors (single)
21. Saigon – Annihilation (single)
22. Set to Explode – Never Give In (S/T)
23. Your Arsenal – Wouldn’t Trade You For Gold (Demo)
24. Jesus Christ Superfly – Erotic Neurotic (I Don’t Wanna Be Crazy)
25. The Bodies – What’s She Gonna Do (Addicted To You)
26. Jerry’s Kids – Crucify Me (Is This My World?)
27. FU’s – Boston’s Finest (My America)
28. DYS – More Than Fashion (Brotherhood)
29. Gang Green – Kill A Commie (Preschool)
20. Antidote – Real Deal (Thou Shalt Not Kill EP)

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