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Reflections of a Punk Rocker’s Wife II

30 Sep

Reflections of a Punk Rocker’s Wife II When I first read this I laughed my butt off, then I went “Hey, people are going to think I’m a lunatic!” But in the end it’s all good fun. Enjoy another account from my Wife. – Mike E. “Don’t reach around me to honk the horn while […]

September 13th Show

13 Sep

Right Click To Download File Size: 81.4MB Tracks played: 01. Off! – Upsidedown (currently not released) 02. Born Against – Jock Gestapo (9 Patriotic Hymns For Children) 03. Scream – Came Without Warning (Still Screaming) 04. Double Negative – Excited About Myself (Raw Energy) 05. Fed Up – Scene Queen (Read Between the Lines) 06. […]

Eric Leach – Interview

10 Sep

Eric Leach Symbol Six ( Symbol Six was, as I told Eric Leach, always the trump card to pull out when talking about old-school punk rock. As many of you know, once you get into a debate with another punk you always one-up each other, and Symbol Six’s great EP could be the trump card […]

September 6, 2010 Show

06 Sep

Right Click To Download Time: 72:49 File Size:83.3MB Tracks played: 01. Black Flag – Depression (Everything Went Black) 02. The Infections – Smash Your Face (Kill) 03. RKL – Adolescent Death (It’s a Beautiful Feeling) 04. Agression – Body Count (Grind Kings) 05. Ill Repute – Greed (Oxnard, Land of No Toilets EP) 06. Bad […]

Brian Walsby – Interview

03 Sep

Brian Walsby Manchild ( I first came across Brian Walsby’s comics back in the 1980’s in the pages of Flipside. Initially, you look at his stuff, and think “OK, here’s a nice light-hearted cartoon,” but his work is drenched in real-life. Not to say they’re not funny. In the same way Bill Watterson, creator of […]

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