September 6, 2010 Show

06 Sep


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Tracks played:

01. Black Flag – Depression (Everything Went Black)
02. The Infections – Smash Your Face (Kill)
03. RKL – Adolescent Death (It’s a Beautiful Feeling)
04. Agression – Body Count (Grind Kings)
05. Ill Repute – Greed (Oxnard, Land of No Toilets EP)
06. Bad Vibes – Drunk On Sour Grapes (Hate Your Everything)
07. Queers – We’d Have a Riot Doing Heroin (A Day Late and a Dollar Short)
08. ANS – Skate Zombies Must Shred (The Pool)
09. The Vandals – The Legend of Pat Brown (Peace Through Vandalism)
10. Hypnotics – News (Indoor Fiends)
11. MDC – Dead Cops/America’s So Straight (Millions of Dead Cops)
12. Negative Approach – Can’t Tell No One (Negative Approach)
13. Inflatable Children – My America (Get Naked With…)
14. INDK – Rent For Sale (Kill Whitey!)
15. Gorilla Biscuits – Forgotten (Start Today)
16. Fingers – Supermarket Flirt (Melons On Melrose EP)
17. The Riverdales – Kick Your Head In (Storm the Streets)
18. Yum Yums – Punk Rock Coming Through (Singles n Stuff)
19. The Hard-Ons – Think About You Everyday (Suck and Swallow)
20. Insaints – Stupid Boy (Diesel Queens vs. Insaints split)
21. Baby Shakes – Shake Shake (single)
22. Catholic Boys – Actin’ Stupid (single)
23. Sector 4 – Jump On You (Disclexia)
24. Toxic Reasons – War Hero (single)
25. Instigators – It’s Got to Be Stopped (Nobody Listens Anymore)
26. Bikini Kill – Double Dare Ya (First Two Records)
27. Deep Sleep – Out Of Time (Paranoid Futures EP)
28. 4-Squares – Get Up (Save the Clock Tower)
29. Buried In Leather – Blood On Your Wings (We Are Gone)
30. Dicks – Dicks Hate the Police (single)

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