Reflections of a Punk Rocker’s Wife II

30 Sep

Reflections of a Punk Rocker’s Wife II

When I first read this I laughed my butt off, then I went “Hey, people are going to think I’m a lunatic!” But in the end it’s all good fun. Enjoy another account from my Wife. – Mike E.

“Don’t reach around me to honk the horn while I’m driving!”
“Well then you do it! This piece of shit needs to get the fuck out the way!”
“What are you gonna do if they have a gun?! Huh? Your son and wife are in the car!”
“I’ve told you before to just leave if I have to get out of the car!”
“Oh! and I’m just supposed to go home and not know if you’re alive or dead? If our son is now an orphan and I am a widow?!”

The previous reenactment is a standard conversation in our car. It usually ends with me, and Michael glaring at each other. The logo of one punk band, or another firmly placed on his T-shirt as if it’s mocking my ordinary existence. Didn’t I know that I should never conform? That I should stand up for what’s right no matter the consequences? Didn’t I know that it was still 1978, and there are establishments to rebel against?

Pish! I would love to fight everyone who dared look my way. But the truth is, I have no upper body strength, and can’t fight for shit. And the probability of me stage diving, or being involved in any sort of mosh pit would be purely accidental, and usually because I happened to trip into the middle of said fray.

Being a punk rocker’s life is a dangerous one. Filled with peril, adventure, and music that I can’t quite get a grip on. I can see Michael, and I morphing; me, into a shrew shrieking at him about the voluming of his music, and he flipping me off when my back is turned, and turning it up even louder.

In the end, it’s all good. He’s who I’ve chosen, and I am happy. But seriously Michael, don’t reach over me while I’m driving!

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5 Responses to “Reflections of a Punk Rocker’s Wife II”

  1. 1
    Mike E. Says:

    Too funny, if my Wife wrote that about me I’d be offended . . . wait a minute what’s your name again?

  2. 2
    Jay Thurston Says:

    Yeah, Michael, what kind of lunatic are you??? When someone is driving, they are the decision makers, not you! Hahahaha…It is cool that Elizabeth puts up with you…hahahaha. I enjoy hearing from her and hearing another point of view. Remember,if Duran Duran ever play…we are all going!!! (Even though I can’t stand them).

  3. 3
    justin Says:

    That’s great yall. I don’t think I’m as violent as you Mike, but driving is interesting for my wife and I as well. Being from the midwest, she thinks I should drive, if we are both going somewhere. My problem is mainly with the farm equipment going 25 mph on a road that is marked for 65 and the regular locals who just like to mosey along at 50. If you want to go slow take a county road, is what I say.

  4. 4
    Elizabeth Says:

    Jay, I will take you up on that offer. I’m gonna have you in a skinny tie before you can say “HELL NO!!” lol.

    Also, thanks for sympathizing with what I have to put up with :(

  5. 5
    Elizabeth Says:

    I hear ya Justin. We don’t really have that problem here in L.A. so it makes me wonder why the hell people still drive 25 miles an hour if they aren’t hauling farming equipment! God, I hate driving.

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