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October 26, 2010 Show

26 Oct

I didn’t want to do a complete repeat of previous Halloween shows, so this time I just threw a few “horror” songs into the normal mix of things. [audio:] Right Click To Download Tracks played: 01. Misfits – Halloween (12 Hits From Hell) 02. Off! – Darkness (1st EP) 03. Rabies – Zombies Ate My […]

OFF! – First Four EPs

13 Oct

I don’t usually post straight up gushing advertisements for bands, but Goddamn the new Off! EP is freaking awesome. This is like listening to a just unearthed LA punk time capsule. You can stream the whole shebang over at Spinner, which amusingly is owned by AOL. To buy the record, you can hit up Interpunk. […]

October 4, 2010 Show

05 Oct

[audio:] Right Click to Download/Save Tracks played this week: 01. The Catburglers – You Got It (Holy Shit) 02. Christ On Parade – Another Country (Sounds of Nature) 03. Rabies – Down the Drain (Final 7″) 04. Set To Explode – Don’t Fuckin’ Care (Set To Explode EP) 05. Deep Sleep – Need To Kill […]

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