October 4, 2010 Show

05 Oct


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Tracks played this week:

01. The Catburglers – You Got It (Holy Shit)
02. Christ On Parade – Another Country (Sounds of Nature)
03. Rabies – Down the Drain (Final 7″)
04. Set To Explode – Don’t Fuckin’ Care (Set To Explode EP)
05. Deep Sleep – Need To Kill (Paranoid Futures)
06. Hypnotics – Sick of Work (Indoor Fiends)
07. Shattered Faith – I Love America (Bootleg)
08. Das Klown – Tommy (Antidote)
09. The Panty Sniffers – SSR (Complete Discography)
10. No Talk – Confusion (single)
11. Isolation – Dead End (Isolation EP)
12. Spitzz – Take Me to the Hospital (single)
13. Some Action – Outta Here (The Band That Sucked The Life Out Of Rock ‘n Roll And Killed Itself In The Process)
14. The Chumps – Fuck You, I’m Rich (Invent Rock ‘n’ Roll)
15. Civic Progress – Disposable (Disposable EP)
16. Red Scare – Anything Goes (Then There Were None)
17. Bad Posture – Aggravation (GDMFSOB)
18. Battalion of Saints – Fair Warning (Second Coming)
19. Sado-Nation – On Whom They Beat (Sado-Nation EP)
20. Dead Virgins – Rape Capitol Hill (Four EP)
21. Scott Baio Army – I Stayed Out Past Curfew (Join the Army EP)
22. Scurvy Dogs – Would You Like Freedom Fries With That? (Relieve Yourself EP)
23. Poison Idea – Nothing Is Final (War All the Time)
24. Forced Anger – Selective Service (Pent Up)
25. Randumbs – Ass Kicking Junkies (I’ve Got My Friends compilation)
26. Isocracy – Rodeo (Bedtime For Isocracy EP)
27. Second Wind – Knock On Wood (Security EP)
28. Naked Raygun – Off The Edge (Last of the DEMOHicans)
29. Night Birds – Living in the Middle (demo)
30. Blight – Prophet Of Doom (Detroit: The Dream is Dead)

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