OFF! – First Four EPs

13 Oct

I don’t usually post straight up gushing advertisements for bands, but Goddamn the new Off! EP is freaking awesome. This is like listening to a just unearthed LA punk time capsule.


You can stream the whole shebang over at Spinner, which amusingly is owned by AOL.
To buy the record, you can hit up Interpunk. A limited Pettibon poster is included. How 80′s is that? Sweet.

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3 Responses to “OFF! – First Four EPs”

  1. 1
    Drew Lush Says:

    Before I scrolled down to the Raymond Pettibon inseret comment, I looked at the cover and thought that it was “Pettibon” influenced.

    Yeah, heard a lot of this release the past couple of weeks, thinking of purchasing it. This is Keith Morris’ new band I beleive, which strikes me a little funny since isn’t Pettibon Greg Ginn’s brother?
    Take care,

  2. 2
    nazz nomad Says:

    Yeah – old skool late 70′s punk, by the guys who started old skool late 70′s punk. they were on tv last nite doing all 4 of the songs. great stuff.

  3. 3
    Jay Thurston Says:

    This is what I have been waiting for for a long long time!! Short, kick ass tunes with no filler!!! Get in and get it done. My question is…how long do you think these old men will be able to blast out an hour of these 1 minute songs???? Before long, they will be doing 8 minute songs with 4 minute guitar solos…how much do you want to bet???

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