October 26, 2010 Show

26 Oct


I didn’t want to do a complete repeat of previous Halloween shows, so this time I just threw a few “horror” songs into the normal mix of things.

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Tracks played:

01. Misfits – Halloween (12 Hits From Hell)
02. Off! – Darkness (1st EP)
03. Rabies – Zombies Ate My Neighbors (Test Your Might)
04. Fed Up – Spineless (Read Between the Lines)
05. Confines – Bait and Switch (Withdrawn EP)
06. The Monsters – The Creature From The Black Lagoon (This is Horrorpunk compilation)
07. Primate 5 – Goin’ To A Graveyard (Nova EP)
08. Graveyard Girl Scouts – Zombie Cheerleaders From Hell (Bat In the Box)
09. Narcoleptic Youth – My Neighbor Hates Me (Chronological Disorder)
10. Guns n Rosa Parks – I Hate Assholes (Antifreeze EP)
11. Symbol Six – Dog Days (Monsters 11)
12. Horror of 59 – Frankenstein Returns (Screams From the Cellar)
13. Saccharine Trust – I Am Right (Pagan Icons)
14. Hated Youth – I’m Stupid (Hardcore Rules)
15. Coke Bust – Keep Out (Degradation EP)
16. Motards – Zombies (Rock Kids)
17. Black Lips – I’ve Got a Knife (Freakout 7″)
18. Warkrime – World War Three (Tighten Up EP)
19. Dennis Most – Police Car (Indiana Roadkillarama)
20. Necros – Police Brutality (Conquest For Death)
21. Elvis Hitler – Ghouls (Beautiful Happiness compilation)
22. Fucked Up – I Don’t Wanna Be Friends With You (Couple Tracks)
23. Dayglo Abortions – Used To Be In Love (Feed US a Fetus)
24. No Fraud – Suicidal Maniac (The EP)
25. Sick Pleasure – Love Song (Sick Pleasure EP)
26. Upright Citizens – Feel My Fate (Make the Future Mine and Yours)
27. Braineaters – Braineater (S/T EP)
28. Doggy Style – Be Strong (Work As One EP)
29. Serial Killers – 20th Century Cannibal (Gary Heidnek’s House of Horrors 7″)
30. Die Kreuzen – Halloween (Century Days)

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