December 6, 2010 Show

07 Dec


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Tracks played:

01. Negative Approach – Can’t Tell No One (S/T EP, reissue)
02. Idiots – The Fix (Evel Knievel)
03. The Geeks – Still I Stay The Same (What’s Inside EP)
04. Conflict Resolution – Livin’ a Lie (Raw Aggression compilation)
05. The Disappointments – Less Than Three (Reasons to Revolt EP)
06. Misery Addict – 100 Years (Misery Addict EP)
07. The Exploited – Blown to Bits (Punk’s Not Dead)
08. Discharge – The Nightmare Continues (Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing)
09. Deathwish – Condemned (Tailgate single)
10. It’s Casual – Too Many Kids (The New Los Angeles)
11. A.G.’s – I Get Rejected (This Earth Sucks)
12. Killroy – 99 Bottles (single)
13. Lights Out – Another Look (Get Out)
14. The Bags – We Will Bury You (All Bagged Up)
15. Satans Rats – You Make Me Sick (single)
16. Adolescents – No Way (Adolescents)
17. Pleased Youth – I’d Rather Be An Asshole (New Jersey’s Got It compilation)
18. Charge – No One Knows (Destroy the Youth EP)
19. Absentees – Revenge (Illegal Listening Device 1979-2000)
20. The Ex – Human Car (Singles. Period)
21. Lighten Up – Dolphins are Sharks With a Good Publicist (Absolutely Not)
22. Destructors (666) – Lexicon Devil (Pow! That’s Killmusik 666)
23. Youth Gone Mad – Ode To Darby (Yesterdays Innocence single)
24. Germs – We Must Bleed (MIA)
25. Everything Falls Apart – Different Danger (Tension EP)
26. The Radio Clash – Aburrido De Los U.S.A (The Radio Clash)
27. Baseball Furies – Disposable Hustler (Greater Than Ever)
28. Nashville Pussy – All Fucked Up (Let Them Eat Pussy)
29. The Left – Stop (Jesus Loves The Left)
30. Cringer – Anti-Climax (Tikki Tikki Tembo)

Absentee Youth note: If you want to read a little about Rocco Roll’s arrest and verdict of attempted murder, check out leagle.

You can get more info on Misery Addict on Myspace if you like.

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