March 14, 2011 Show

14 Mar

After an unannounced break, the show is back. Please, try to control yourselves.


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Tracks played:

01. Geeks – As We Speak (What’s Inside EP)
02. Crucifix – Another Mouth To Feed (Dehumanization)
03. Danger’s Close – Tony Suicide (Split with Destructors)
04. Double Negative – Emergency Room (Daydream Nation)
05. Insurgent Kid – Slow Speed Kills (Paranoia)
06. Absence of Malice – Life in Transition (Awakening EP)
07. Toxic Reasons – It’s A Lie (Bullets For You)
08. TSOL – Property Is Theft (Thoughts of Yesterday)
09. No Pigs – Shoplifting (EP)
10. Life Crisis – Unpeaceful Protest (single)
11. Cheap Time – Handy Man (single)
12. Christ On Parade – Landlord Song (Sounds of Nature 1985-1986)
13. Night Birds – Send Me Home (demo)
14. First Offense – Broken Home (EP)
15. 7 Seconds – Young Until I Die (Old School)
16. Antibodies – Anxiety Attack (Live Fast, Die Old School)
17. Terror – Your Enemies Are Mine (Keepers of the Faith)
18. Agnostic Front – Hiding Inside (Victim In Pain)
19. Violent Arrest – Here To Last
20. Fed Up – Spineless (Read Between the Lines EP)
21. Geriatric Unit – Inclusion Exclusion (Distance and Damage)
22. False Prophets – Good Clean Fun (Blind Roaches and Fat Vultures…)
23. New Town Animals – Forgotten Generation (Dirtnap Across the Northwest comp.)
24. Mean Jeans – Steve Don’t Party No More (Are You Serious?)
25. The 4-Squares – Subject To Change (Save the Clock Tower)
26. Tools – Hard Wark (single)
27. The Instigators – The Fix (Nobody Listens Anymore)
28. M.D.C. – Patriot Asshole (split with The Restarts)
29. Agent 86 – USA (Overseas Connection comp.)
30. Scream – Stand (Still Screaming)

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