May 23, 2011 Show

23 May


I’m a little late with my Police Week show (yes, there’s a Police Week, you missed it). Ah well, next year I’ll be more punctual. OK, it was entirely coincidental. I did the show and then thought, “I wonder if there’s something like ‘Police Week’ that I can jokingly tie this show around”., the phrase “police week” and 3 seconds of search time showed me that yes, there is a Police Week, and I missed it by one week. Not bad!

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Time: 60:42
File Size: 83.3MB

Tracks played:
01. DOA – Police Brutality (Northern Avenger)
02. Necros – Police Brutality (Conquest For Death)
03. Riot Squad – Police Power (No Potential Threat)
04. Angelic Upstarts – Police Opression (The Independent Punk Singles)
05. Negative Element – Police Beat (On Me) (Yes, We Have No Bananas)
06. Didjits – Police Truck (Virus 100)
07. Urban Waste – Police Brutality (Urban Waste)
08. Direct Control – Police Threat (Split EP)
09. Raw Power – Police, Police (The Reagan Years)
10. Psycho – Mr. Policeman (Hosebags From Hell)
11. Witches With Dicks – One Whopper For The Copper (Manual)
12. ID Under – Suburban Cops (Lords of Nothing)
13. AK 47 – The Badge Means You Suck (Bloodstains Across Texas comp.)
14. The Hatepinks – Kissing Cops With My Ass (Plastic Bag Ambitions)
15. Belching Penguins – We’re The Cops (Draft Beer… Not Me)
16. NOFX – Cops And Donuts (Maximum Rock n Roll)
17. Lepers – Cops (Killed By Death 15.5 comp.)
18. Authorities – I Hate Cops (Puppy Love)
19. Against All Authority – Policeman (24 Hour Roadside Resistance)
20. Hummungus – I Hate Motherfuckin’ Cops (Counter Attack)
21. Naked Aggression – Death to all the Pigs (Bitter Youth)
22. Doom – Police Bastard (Fuck Peaceville)
23. MDC – No More Cops (Magnus Dominus Corpus)
24. Demob – Anti Police (Crime Through Time)
25. AG’s – Hurt a Cop (Because a Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste)
26. SSD – Police Beat (The Kids Will Have Their Say)
27. Black Flag – Police Story (Everything Went Black)
28. Poison Idea – The Badge (Feel the Darkness)
29. The Left – Youngster On the Force (Jesus Love The Left)
30. Dicks – Dicks Hate the Police (1980-1986)

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