Mau Maus, Cliff & Ivy, Vertigo Shock and Why? Things Burn

05 Jul

Mau Maus, Cliff & Ivy, Vertigo Shock and Why? Things Burn
The Redwood Bar, Los Angeles, CA
Saturday, June 30, 2013
Time: 3:00 PM

About three years ago my daughter was out here in Los Angeles from Florida and I took her to see The Briggs, Cobra Skulls, Longway and Your Arsenal. And she had a pretty good time. So when she let me know that she was coming to L.A. again I started looking for shows that she could go to (she’s only 19). Not only did I find a show, I found two. First up was a matinee show with the Mau Maus, Cliff & Ivy, Vertigo Shock and Why Things Burn. The second show, which was two and half miles away from the Redwood into Chinatown at the Airliner, with Fang, Symbol Six, Circle One, Memphis Murder Men (Circle One would cancel minutes before the show).

Both shows turn out to be 18 and over shows so we are clear to get in. I chose this show as a, kind of, intro to punk history. The place was filled with a who’s who of punk rock. Rikk Agnew was hanging out with his fiancée, Eric Leach of Symbol Six was there, Don Bolles was drumming for Cliff and Ivy, and Mike Villalobos of The Gears was also there. I introduced my daughter to everybody and found a place to sit.

I wasn’t wild about showing up at a club at 3:00, so I didn’t leave the house until 5ish. Got there to see the start of Cliff and Ivy’s set. As mentioned above legendary drummer Don Bolles was sitting in on drums for them and doing a great job. As for the musical review—I’m not sure how to classify Cliff and Ivy. I was hearing hints of Devo and B-52’s, and their final song was a Mau Maus cover that was great. So, pull them up on YouTube and make your own decision.

After their set I went to the Redwood’s little backstage area and talked to Don Bolles, and Rick Wilder of The Mau Maus brought Cliff and Ivy back for me to meet. Let me tell you they were the nicest people I had met in a long time. Whether or not I liked their music I would be a fan of these guys.

After a little bit of set up time, The Mau Maus took the stage. Rick Wilder is a cool front man, people are drawn to him. You want to see what he’s going to do. And I have to mention Michael Livingston; he is such a great guitarist that it’s almost unbelievable.

Anyway, The Mau Maus did all their classics, basically the bulk of their 2012 album Scorched Earth Policies: Then & Now. By the way, if haven’t picked up the album—do it.

After the Mau Maus wrapped up my daughter and I headed down to Spring Street, had dinner and went to The Last Bookstore. Then headed to the Airliner to see Fang and Symbol Six.



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