Top 10 Punk Personalities

16 Oct

Top 10 Punk Personalities

10. Lee Ving
Obtained much of his fame through shock value, but always gave good camera time.

9. Eugene
“Punk rock, that’s stupid.” Need I say more?

8. GG Allin
Despite being a vile piece of crap, he did manage to release a few decent tracks, and became more talked about after he died.

7. Ian Mackaye
I think his “creation” of the straight edge movement, and starting Dischord records solidified his place in the annals of punk rock. But Ian is pretty knowledgeable, and a good speaker – so he ends up with a good story whenever someone needs a talking head.

6. Glenn Danzig
Great singer, great front man, and more people than not, feared this guy. When the You Tube video popped up of him getting hit, this seemed to show people that he just might be a human after all. We don’t need holy water and silver bullets after all.

5. HR
Love him or hate him, he has been the spokesperson for DC Hardcore for close to 30 years. Over the last couple of decades Bad Brains have become these almost god-like creatures. Let HR talk long enough, and he’s bound to shoot himself in the foot.

4. John Macias
It’s rare that someone becomes legendary while they’re alive, but John did just that. Every month, throughout most of the 80’s, I would hear dozens of stories about John. Every thing from him fighting bouncers to him destroying Tokyo.

3. Sid Vicious
Obtained much of his fame through shock value, but always gave good camera time.

2. Henry Rollins
Love him or hate him, he has been the spokesperson for L.A. Hardcore for close to 30 years. People fill the web with hateful shit about him, then the other half of these people debate whether or not he’d win a fight with Glenn Danzig or John Macias. Either way, he’s articulate, interesting to listen to, and pretty entertaining.

1. Johnny Rotten
What more can be said about this? No matter the topic Mr. Rotten has an opinion, and the responses usually ooze with disdain.



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6 Responses to “Top 10 Punk Personalities”

  1. 1
    Eddie Cook Says:

    Fuckin-A Mike – I dig this list. I agree 100% with the HR stuff. Good work!


  2. 2
    Mike E. Says:

    Hey, Thanks, Eddie:

    It’s a list I originally wrote about three years ago, and I tweak it a bit every now and then.

    Mike E.

  3. 3
    Robbie Fields Says:

    For many, your inclusion of John Macias will be a mystery. Not to me.

    As a teenager, John had a fierce reputation, even before the Fleetwood erupted in gang violence. At the 1980 photoshoot for the Circle Jerks’ debut Group Sex album, I was ready to leave when I heard that Circle One were there; as it happened,John was looking for me and could not have been nicer! Yet, we didn’t work together and let’s face it, the result was Circle One’s not being remembered for their music.

    When I went to Spanky’s in 1991 to see Circle One perform, Dexter Holland was also there wanting to speak with me. But John had the charisma that night and all I wanted to do was hang with John Macias. It was Circle One I had planned on working with over the coming months. A week later, John was dead.

    So thanks, Mike, for keeping his memory alive, albeit for me an incomplete one.

  4. 4
    Andre Boutilier Says:

    Hmmmm, my only problem is G.G Allin. I would say he doesn’t belong here at all. Throwing base matter as art isn’t ART and it certainly isn’t punk.

    Thank you for remembering John M. he was a great human being and a dear friend. His work with PUNX is as important as the band Circle One’s contribution was. Jody Hill, Danny Doreman, and co-founder/guitarist Mike Vallejo (with OP: Mike & Bill Ituarte) were true musicians and took the lumps we all did to live that life authenticly!

    Okay there is a GLARING ommision in your list:
    NO PUNK WOMEN… For shame! The baddest of the badasses were the women in the scene. They deserve thier own list but shouldn’t be excluded.

    Oh and Eugene’s band was called: Wayward Cains (or Canes)!

    Easily Maggie Ehrig or Exene C. or Mary Sims or Alice Bag or Meri St. Mary (né Wagon / Housecoat) or Bobbie Brat or Becca Porter or Kira Roessler, etc… There are dozens of others!

  5. 5
    KYLIE Says:

    Eugene is a folk singing MOD – - Geez!!

  6. 6
    Mike E. Says:

    Robbie: Thanks for writing in. John was definitely a character, equally loved and feared. Thanks for sharing your memories.

    Andre: You’re right I should include a Top 10 for the women.

    KYLIE: Yeah, I heard that about Eugene.

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