Devo – Something for Everybody

02 Jan

Something for Everybody
Released June 15, 2010
Label Warner Bros.
Producer Devo

Bob Casale – rhythm guitar, programming, backing vocals, engineer
Gerald V. Casale – vocals, bass guitar
Josh Freese – drums, additional percussion
Bob Mothersbaugh – lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Mark Mothersbaugh – vocals, synthesizers, programming

1. Fresh – 3:02
2. What We Do – 3:19 (M. Mothersbaugh/G.V. Casale/Max Liederman)
3. Please Baby Please – 2:43 (G.V. Casale/Bob Casale)
4. Don’t Shoot (I’m a Man) – 3:28
5. Mind Games – 2:32
6. Human Rocket – 3:25 (M. Mothersbaugh)
7. Sumthin’ – 2:48
8. Step up – 3:03
9. Cameo – 2:52
10. Later Is Now – 3:55 (G.V. Casale)
11. No Place like Home – 3:21
12. March on – 3:53

I waited for about three months before giving this album a listen. As the band was preparing to record this album there tons of stories being written about how Devo hired a marketing firm to help pull the album together, and find the songs that would sell the best, etc. This was a turn-off for me.

The thing about Devo was that they were so un-mainstream. The first thing I bought of theirs was the import EP, B-Stiff. Great piece of vinyl. And the Freedom of Choice album, which made them household names, had some great tracks on it: Girl U Want, Gates of Steel, and Freedom of Choice. It seems to me that hiring a company to get you radio play and/or a commercial album is just anti-everything you’ve done prior to this. Anyway, I picked it up. It has a cool album cover . . . and the music is OK. Not bad, not great, it’s OK. There are a few moments where Mark Mothersbaugh really sings, not just the robotic thing we’ve all come to love, and he’s really good.

Most of us older guys that grew up loving punk have to acknowledge Devo as a sort of gateway music. I listen to, and bought these guys’ album before buying the Pistols stuff.

And once you got into punk, every lunk-head driving down the street would scream “Devo” out the window at you. I don’t know about you, but after a while I would deny even liking them, but as time passed, their music found its way back to my turntable.

There are moments on this album that bring you back to their old stuff, and then there’s other times, that it feels like they lost their way a bit, and decided to just make a shit-load of synthesizer noises.

If you don’t own it go, and give it a listen.

Rating: ** * two out of three stars

On to the story . . .

About a week back my daughter was over visiting for the day. And we started talking about different stories and things that I’ve and things I shouldn’t have done.

Anyway, she says Uncle Erik had mentioned to her a firecracker story that he thought I should write.

Now this is something that I remember just the basics of the story. So, here goes nothing. About thirty-five to forty years ago, a bit after my parents divorced, my dad would do things to rile my mom up. My brother and I would visit him and he’d let us watch and R rated movie or show us his gun collection, stuff he knew would irk my mom. Then one year, at the end of June, he dropped by and handed my mom a bag of firecrackers and said something like, “The boys will enjoy playing with these on the fourth,” meaning the 4th of July. Again, totally to piss my mom off. I was 7 or 8 and my brother 3 or 4. Maybe because it was the 70′s he thought this was cool or maybe he wasn’t thinking at all.

Anyway, my mom took the bag hid it away in the back of one of her dresser draws and we all forgot that my dad felt a 3-year-old should play with fireworks.

Now at around this age my mom started assigning me chores. Nothing too heavy, one month I’d empty the dishwasher, the next month I’d put the dirty clothes in the hamper, etc.

Well, December of that month I was assigned to taking out all the trash in the house to the big metal cans at the side of the house.

What I would do when it was winter is take all the paper out of the trash cans and throw it into our Ben Franklin-styled fireplace and add it to the fire. It would help ignite the logs and cut my job in half.

Well, this particular day my mom had been cleaning out her dresser and found the bag of fireworks in her dressing and tossed them into the trash . . . see where this is going?

Anyhow, I’m dumping paper goods from the kitchen, bathroom and finally the bedrooms. Just as I throw the contents of my mom’s trash can into the fireplace the house erupts with the sound-effects of an old D-Day film. Bombs, bullets and flashing-lights. For a moment I froze. My mom ran got the fireplace poker and closed the doors on the fireplace and/or put the screen on.

I had images of the firecrackers shooting out of the chimney and lighting the roof on fire. That would really screw up my allowance.

Now my brother told my daughter that I dive-bombed him to protect him from the shooting 4th of July bundles of fun, and I would like to think I was that heroic, but after the fun started — I blanked. I remember my mom darting across the living room to shut the fireplace, but after that nothing.

Afterwards there was a fair amount of finger-pointing, “Why did you put that in the fireplace?” “Why did you put that in the trashcan?” etc.

The good thing was, no one was hurt and our house didn’t burn to the ground, because god knows if it did my books would have a very different tone, Last House to Burn, etc.



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4 Responses to “Devo – Something for Everybody”

  1. 1
    Eddie Cook Says:

    Mike – love the review and the story is funny as shit! ~Eddie

  2. 2
    Mike E. Says:


    Glad you liked the story, I had kind of forgotten about it, until my daughter reminded me. Thanks for reading.

    Mike E.

  3. 3
    Charles Says:

    I like this album a lot. I especially liked watching the live streaming DEVO Cat Listening Party. Oh I watched that all day long. Here are some highlights.

    Call me crazy, but I even liked DEVO 2.0.

  4. 4
    Mike E. Says:

    Charles: I agree it’s good, but I prefer their earlier stuff.

    Mike E.

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