Black Flag – Jealous Again

15 Jan

Black Flag
Jealous Again
Released: August 1980
SST Records
Producer: Spot

Chavo Pederast (Ron Reyes) – vocals
Greg Ginn – guitar
Chuck Dukowski – bass; lead vocals on You Bet We’ve Got Something Personal against You!
ROBO – drums

01 -Jealous Again – 1:52 (Ginn)
02 – Revenge – 0:59 (Ginn)
03 – White Minority – 1:02 (Ginn)
04 – No Values – 1:45 (Ginn)
05 -You Bet We’ve Got Something Personal against You! – 0:52 (Dukowski/Ginn/Pederast/ROBO)

When I first bought this EP, I put it on, and hated it. I loved them in Decline, but this was watered down, and almost experimental sounding, then my Uncle Rick informed me that I need to play this at 45 RPM, and not at 33 1/3 RPM, which I had it at. Oops.

Jealous Again was the second release by Black Flag, and the third-ever release on SST Records. Black Flag entered the studio in late 1979 with new drummer ROBO and singer Keith Morris to begin recording their first LP. Basic tracks for all of the songs were cut live in the studio with Morris singing temporary vocal parts. Without warning, according to bassist Chuck Dukowski, Morris walked out screaming, quitting the band, and refusing to complete the album.

The band, then, recruited former Red Cross drummer Chavo Pederast to be their new vocalist, guitarist Ginn felt he was not yet ready to record, and the tapes were put aside for several months. After several shows with Pederast, one of which was filmed for the movie The Decline of Western Civilization, the sessions resumed, first with Ginn overdubbing new guitar parts and then Pederast doing his vocals. The initial attempts to record with Pederast proved fruitless when he started walking out of the vocal booth, and sometimes the studio entirely, in the middle of takes. Pederast later quit the band in the middle of a live performance (of Louie Louie), derailing the sessions entirely for a second time.

White Minority, while commonly misinterpreted as racist, is actually an attack on white supremacy and a mockery of racism. Given that Black Flag’s lead singer at the time, Ron Reyes, was part-Hispanic, and that Ginn was a fan of black jazz and blues artists (including B.B. King, whom he idolized), it is not hard to presume that the song’s sentiment is anti-racist. In addition, ROBO was a Colombian-American, and Spot, the band’s producer, was an African-American.

White Minority
“Were gonna be a white minority
We won’t listen to the majority
Were gonna feel inferiority
Were gonna be white minority

White pride
You’re an American
I’m gonna hide
Anywhere I can

Gonna be a white minority
We don’t believe there’s a possibility
Well you just wait and see
Were gonna be white minority

White pride
You’re an American
White pride
Anywhere I can?

Gonna be a white minority
There’s gonna be large cavity
Within my new territory
Were all gonna die.”

You Bet We’ve Got Something Personal against You! Initially started life as a Greg Ginn/Keith Morris composition, I Don’t Care, recorded during the original album sessions with Morris on vocals. When Morris quit the band, he took both I Don’t Care and Nervous Breakdown’s Wasted (the only other Morris/Ginn songwriting collaboration under the Black Flag moniker) with him and recorded them with his new band The Circle Jerks on their debut album Group Sex. Offended by what they saw as the misappropriation of two Black Flag songs, Dukowski wrote new lyrics to Ginn’s music for I Don’t Care and recorded an attack on Morris and the Circle Jerks. You Bet… is also the first, and only time Dukowski sings lead vocals on a Black Flag song.

If you don’t own it go, and pick up the album titled Black Flag the First Four Years, it’ll give you a complete look at everything Flag did prior to Henry.

If you don’t own it go, and give it a listen.

Rating: ** * three out of three stars

On to the story . . .

Years ago I was watching an episode of Taxi Cab Confessions (remember that show?). And one of the guys that hopped into the back of the cab was a subway cop. Like they did they baited the guy long enough until they got him talking.

One of his worst experiences while working the subway was this:

A guy was standing too close to the edge and was somehow pushed over and onto the subway tracks. While he was on the tracks the subway came and hit him. The lower half of his body was stuck under the tracks. When the train hit him it twisted the top of his body completely around. Now the subway cop had the horrible job of going down onto the tracks and telling the guy that he is alive at the moment, but once they attempt to remove him that his body will spin back around and sever his spin and he will die instantly.

I can’t think of a more horrible task. The guy is alive, though traumatized, and looking at you, understanding your words, but trying to comprehend the fact that if moved he is dead.

I’ve never had to deal with death like that. Most of the people that I’ve known have gone very quickly.

In 1984, while in barber school, I was leaving through the back door one day at lunch, when, about, twenty feet away from me I heard a small cherry-picker whirring away and lifting a guy up into the air. The guy got out of the picker and was attempting to wrap a belt around him and the telephone pole.

I watched him leave the cherry-picker, loop the belt and then I saw him fall and hit his head on curb. For a second every one of the four other pole workers yelled, “Oh my god, shit,” etc. Then everything went insanely quiet. For the next five minutes it was like the city shut down.

I watched, after what felt like hours, as one of the crew members ran to the truck and radioed for help.

I stood there for a little bit, kind of, stunned. And not really able to move, then all at once the world started again. Cars flying by, the crew started chatting to bystanders. In an instant everything was back to normal, with the exception of a guy lying in the gutter with his head on the curb.

It was all very surreal. I had to return to school. At 2:30, when I was leaving, the crew was gone as was the body. That night I popped on the news and there was no mention of the guy. Kind of sad.



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    Hey Mike ~ great bunch of info. Also another wild ass story. ~ Eddie

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