The Generators/Dirty Filthy Mugs/The Junk – LIVE

22 Jan

The Generators/Dirty Filthy Mugs/The Junk
Alex’s Bar, Long Beach, CA
Saturday, August 28, 2010
Admission $5.00
Time: 9:00 PM

This was a great night set around fair music. My friends from Red Bluff, CA, Jay, and his Wife Mary came down, and we decided to hit some shows. This would be show number one on the itinerary.

Jay said they were going to pick me up at 5:00, as we were going to meet up with another friend of his, Rusty, and his Wife Eleanor. From the Valley we get to Long Beach a bit before 6:00.

Pull up, and do our greetings, and we check out Rusty’s garden. Rusty is the king of chili peppers. He has grown stuff that can make your eyes water from just sniffing it.

Around 7:30, I call Alex’s Bar to see what time the show starts, the guy who answered said: “I don’t know, 9:00, hmmm, maybe 9:30. Come on down.”

So, around 8:30, 8:45 we pile into two cars, and head towards Alex’s. As we’re driving down East Anaheim Boulevard, going towards the club we see about four or five cop cars race by with sirens blaring. I’m figuring the show was raided before it started, but nope that’s not what happened.

Lined-up for about a two-block radius was a huge sobriety checkpoint, smack dab in front of the club.

Not a big deal for me, I don’t drink, neither do Jay and Mary, if Rusty and his Wife drink, they were very conservative. Anyway, it was weird, looking at fifty to one hundred cops as we walked into the club.

Rusty bought all of our tickets (Thanks!), and we walk in, and there are about five people in the place. So, we head for the outdoor patio, and hangout.

9:00 rolls around, 9:30, 10:00 still nothing. People are starting to wander in. And finally at 10:30 the members of The Junk start loading their stuff in.

Now around this point my unprepared ass starts tweaking. See, I’m diabetic, and I didn’t eat before leaving the house. I had lunch, but I got caught up in running around, and forgot dinner, so my body starts freaking the F out. So, Jay and I go next door to this place called Famous Burger, and I get a burrito the size of a small log. Let me tell you it was great.

Now from the time we got there, until the last band shuffled off they had a DJ playing all kinds of old Hardcore stuff, the bulk of the stuff he played in the beginning was from the Somebody Got Their Head Kicked album. He went by the name DJ Gonzo . . . OK?

Halfway through my Godzilla-like burrito, The Junk came on. Everybody at the table had heard their demo, and loved them. Get the demo here ( From what I understand, the drummer, Julia Smut, is also a member The Smut Peddlers, but I don’t know all of the details. Here was the problem . . .the PA at Alex’s Bar was lousy. The vocals most of the night were undecipherable. And the instruments were muffled. Rusty and his Wife were fans, and I think friends with the members of the Junk, but by the time the set was over, I was stumped as to what I was going to say, I couldn’t make out what I heard. Everything was pretty flipping muffled, so all The Junk songs sounded the same. Not the band’s fault.

Next up was a band that subscribes to my theory that all bands formed after 1995 are either one of two types of bands, a Social Distortion clone, or a Dropkick Murphys clone. The guys from Dirty Filthy Mugs fell into the later, but came off like Motley Crue with short hair, and Bowery Boys caps. The music was all right, what I could make out over the shitty PA. The Crue reference is based solely on the basis of Matt Wedgley, the vocalist of Dirty Filthy Mugs, doing a Vince Neil type of shtick most of the night: “Get drunk you motherfuckers, fuck the police and their sobriety check, drive through the alley, they won’t see you, we need more beer.”

Anyway, they’ve released several things, a few singles, EP’s, and a full-length album. Check ‘em out it can’t hurt:

During Dirty Filthy Mugs’ set is when the local college boys starting getting aggressive. The first “fight” was two guys getting each other into headlocks, and refusing to let go. A couple of bouncers/babysitters broke them up, but didn’t toss them out.

A handful of guys created a new version of slamming, it went like this: Scope somebody out, run at them, you both fall down, break your beer mugs, go to the bar get more beer. Boy howdy was this just wonderful to watch.

The bouncers would come by every twenty minutes of so, and sweep up all the broken glass.

One last comment about Dirty Filthy Mugs, after seeing them live I came across an ad they placed in Razorcake, in the ad they quote a crappy review given to them from Razorcake, I thought that was great.

The last band of the night . . . the headliner was The Generators.

Right off, I was a bit put off, it was about 12:45, or 1:00 in the morning, these guys casually set up their equipment, do a half-assed sound check, then leave to hang out at the bar. Maybe it’s age, my diabetes, or what, but these guys had us waiting all night, nobody turned out an ass-kicking performance . . . don’t leave us waiting – go play some music. You want to go drinking do it on your time, not mine. Save the rock star partying for another crowd.

I don’t know if it was the crowd, the PA, or but no one impressed me all night. The Generators played a bunch of original material, and worked in covers of the following bands, Jenny Jones by the Clash, Sorrow by Bad Religion, and some Cock Sparrer song. Despite the PA, these songs sounded decent.

The Generators followed the Dirty Filthy Mugs theory, and came off a bit Dropkickish, during one of their later songs the guitar player switched over to a squeezebox or accordion-type thing. Not bad sounding, but different.

During The Generators set there was a girl who was about four foot tall running around the “the pit,” and alternating pushing, and hitting people. It was the damnedest thing. Nobody really reacted. She’d hit some guy in the back, and he’d keep staring at the stage. Funny stuff.

All in all it was a good night, hanging out with friends checking out new music, the worst day at a club is always better than the best day at work.



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2 Responses to “The Generators/Dirty Filthy Mugs/The Junk – LIVE”

  1. 1
    Eddie Cook Says:

    Mike ~ sounds like a cool show, I think I was living in New York, missed it. cool review
    ~ Eddie

  2. 2
    Mike E. Says:

    Eddie: Again, thanks for reading and for writing in!

    Mike E.

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