Mad Society – Riot Squad

12 Mar

Mad Society
Riot Squad EP
1981 – Hit and Run Records

Vocals: Steven Metz
Guitar: Marc Vachon
Guitar: Louie Metz
Bass: Cathy Sample
Drums: Aaron Glascock

1. Riot Squad
2. Skitz
3. Napalm
4. Termanally
5. Little Devil

I had forgotten all about these guys until I ran across this picture of Steven Metz on Jennifer Lynch’s website. I read somewhere that Mad Society’s baby sitter put them together as a band. I was impressed with the fact that they got up, and accomplished something, but honestly I always felt they were a really bad Germs rip-off, the Adam Ant style face paint – a Darby rip-off. The agonizingly slow music and the play on song titles Little Devil, and Darby was the Lexicon Devil. Hey, but what do I know?

In 1981, Mad Society released a five song EP with photography by Gary Leonard (responsible for all the cool Take My Picture columns). They also contributed to a variety of compilations, and left a bit of a mark on the scene.

In the whopping eleven months they were together the played all the main “punk” clubs at that time from the Starwood to the Whiskey to the Cuckoo’s Nest; they opened for such bands as The Adolescents, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, X, The Weirdos, and The Plugz.

The vocals overpower the rest of the sound; the instruments are mixed very low. Musically, this is amateurish (I know, isn’t all punk amateurish?). Good attempt, but not real impressive. Most memorable about this band were their ages, eleven and twelve. Marc Vachon later became the guitarist for the 1980’s hair-metal band Junkyard, along with a couple of other former “punk” musicians (Brian Baker, etc).

The Mad Society vinyl is very collectible, but if you don’t own it, just take my word for it, it’s not great.

Rating: * ** one out of three stars.

On to the story . . .

I had, just as everyone else did, read up on John Stabb’s July 17, 2007, attack. I had not heard of John Stabb, and was only aware of Government Issue by name. Aside from the tragic assault and surgeries Stabb had to go through – I was kind of intrigued by the racial aspect of this incident. Let me clarify right off the bat, I am not an “Archie Bunker” card-carrying racist. I am, also, married to a woman of Egyptian and Syrian decent, making my son half Middle Eastern decent, and I have a daughter who is half Puerto Rican, so if I am racist – I suck at it. But living in Los Angeles or any major city, you end up with some prejudices. I was surprised that after reading a few accounts of Stabb’s attack that I found only one mention that the attackers were Black. Not that this matters in the big scheme of things, it wouldn’t change the results of Stabb’s attack, but I merely point this out as an example of this country’s warped sense of political correctness. If this had been a Black guy coming home from work, and he was surrounded by five White guys, and beaten like this – Al Sharpton would have been chauffeured to the site, and called for some kind of boycott, and the media coverage would’ve been phenomenal.

About a decade, and a half ago I got caught in the beginning stages of the Los Angeles Riots, my car battery died in L.A. about 30 to 45 minutes after the verdict on the police officers was announced. I didn’t know that it had been announced, so I asked the first person I saw for a jump, which just happened to be a Black guy. He, obviously, knew the verdict. He was breathing real hard, and his eyes were bugging out, he was in fighting mode. After I asked him for the jump, and saw him tripping out like this, I told him forget it, that’s when he changed up and said, “No, it’s cool, I’ll help you.” I guess my point is there is good, and bad in every culture, but our media is so scared to focus on all aspects of these events that everything we hear is blatantly biased. We are not allowed to hear about racial violence perpetrated from a Black guy to a White guy. We can be bombarded with Black NFL players, and their violent antics, and Black gang violence, and prison riots, but Black on White crime may make the media look racist.




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2 Responses to “Mad Society – Riot Squad”

  1. 1
    Eddie Cook Says:

    Hey Mike~ I can’t remember if I had this single or taped it from a friend. They were cool, but honestly I didn’t like the music. Great story ~Eddie

  2. 2
    Mike E. Says:


    Hey, thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment.

    Mike E.

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