The Adicts – All The Young Droogs

19 Mar

The Adicts
All The Young Droogs
September 11, 2012
DC-Jam Records

Keith “Monkey” Warren – vocals
Pete “Pete Dee” Davison – guitar, vocals, piano, synthesizer
John “Scruff” Ellis – guitar, vocals
Shahen Hagobian – bass, vocals
Michael “Kid Dee” Davison – drums, vocals

1. Battlefield W1
2. Wild
3. Stomper
4. My Old Friend
5. Stop the World (I Wanna Get Off)
6. Give It to My Baby
7. Rage Is the Rage
8. All the Young Droogs
9. To Us Tonight
10. Catch My Heart
11. Horrorshow
12. Love Lies Bleeding

Way back on September 10, 2012 at The Key Club in Hollywood, CA I saw the Adicts, a month after they released All The Young Droogs.

I’m probably one of, like, three people on the planet who had never seen The Adicts, so when I got invited to go to this, I jumped on it. The Adicts are known for their wild shows . . . so, I had to go.

I got to the Key Club at about 7:45 pm (on a Monday night). Parked across the street in a lot, the guy charged me $10.00 or was it $100.00 either way it was as painful as running naked through a cornfield backwards.

The tickets were outrageously priced at $25.00 to $30.00 a pop. I’m not sure if I’ve ever dropped that much for any band.

Got in line, told the ten foot tall security guard that I was on the list, he looked at me, shrugged and said, “Get to the back of the line.” Another cornfield experience. So I buzz the Symbol Six manager, Ginger, let her know that in the back of the line, she says, “come up to the box office.” I do, they let me in.

I walk in to the club, and it is deserted. Maybe twenty people milling around.

And after five or six bands and hours of trying to stay awake at 1:00 am The Adicts hit the stage. Monkey was draped head to toe in Christmas lights. Shooting confetti from an umbrella, throwing oversized playing cards into the crowd as well as dozens of stickers. These guys put a great show.

Within minutes the place went nuts, the bouncers were pulling kids out in chokeholds, I was midway back and I saw something flying at me from the corner of my eye, I ducked and some broad’s high-heel pump knocks the guy behind me.

Anyway, the band was great that night and so is their new album.

All the Young Droogs is the ninth studio album by The Adicts. It was released by DC-Jam Records on September 11, 2012.

In April 2012, it was announced that the band had signed to DC-Jam records, and would work with producer Derek O’Brien on an album to be released the following fall. The band recorded 16 tracks at O’Brien’s D.O’B. Sound Studios starting on May 28, 2012. Guest musicians included The Dickies guitarist Stan Lee on “Horrorshow” and O’Brien on drums and vocals.

There was also a crowd sourcing initiative for the album, part of which can be found on YouTube.

Rating: ** * two out of three stars.

On to the story . . .

I’ve been in a bit of a fog the last couple of weeks, trying to get this book knocked out and the chapbook out (both on a shoe-string budget) that I was, sort of, feeling sorry for myself. Then two things that I saw this week really changed my point of view.

First there is a Hispanic guy that combs this area for cans and bottles. I couldn’t place an age on him, he’s weather-worn and beat down. Shopping cart and numerous Hefty bags full of recycle goodies. I see this guy every few days around Northridge. If I have any plastics, I give them to him. Well, on Monday I saw him dealing crack about a mile from my place. I had to do a double take, weird moment when our eyes met.

On Tuesday I popped into a Jack in The Box for a cup of coffee. And I see the afternoon manager at a local 7-11 camped out in one of the booths with her boyfriend. Their phone plugged into one of the outlets and all their backpacks filling the seats at the table. Apparently she works her shift, camps out and then a few hours before her next shift they go somewhere to clean up and change then she comes to work.

Later that day I had to pick something up from that very 7-11 and she rang me up. Again that awkward moment when she looked at me.

To quote Lacy J. Dalton: “Honey we ain’t got no hard times, We ain’t got no hard times at all.”



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2 Responses to “The Adicts – All The Young Droogs”

  1. 1
    Eddie Cook Says:

    Mike~ I totally agree! I love these guys love and the album is pretty damn good too! ~Eddie

  2. 2
    Mike E. Says:

    Thanks Eddie! And as always, thanks for reading and writing in!

    - Mike E.

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