Discharge – Live In Preston

09 Apr

Live In Preston EP
Produced by Discharge

Cal (Kelvin Morris) – vocals
Tony “Bones” Roberts – guitar
Roy “Rainy” Wainwright – bass
Terry “Tezz” Roberts – drums

1 – Realities of War
2 – Fight Back
3 – They Declare It
4 – Ain’t No Feeble Bastard
5 – War’s No Fairytale
6 – Where’s Our Freedom

I don’t know when I got this one, or if it’s a legit release or a bootleg. On the back it says only 230 copies were released, but I went to look it up on a Discharge fan site, but I don’t see it listed. The artwork on the cover is the same style as all their legit releases from that time period. So, who knows.

Back when this came out I was strictly a Los Angeles guy, I only listened to L.A. stuff, and then I got the Misfits Walk Among Us album (New York/New Jersey); then I picked up the Punk and Disorderly album from Posh Boy (I thought the girl on the cover looked like my Uncle’s girlfriend, at the time, Tracy), and that started my love affair with the second wave (or third or fourth) of British Punk (including Oi). Blitz, GBH and some Discharge. Some days you need this kind of adrenaline rush.

Realities of War
“War is a black hole to avoid.
The realties of war are so disturbing
They declare it, but they don’t hear cries of fear.

War is a black hole to avoid.

Mutilated corpses, charcoaled flesh
Litter the battlefields
But their dead bodies are not to be found.

War is a black hole to avoid.

War is a black hole to avoid.

The realities of war are so disturbing
They declare it, but they don’t hear cries of fear.

War is a black hole to avoid.

Mutilated corpses, charcoaled flesh
Litter the battlefields
But their dead bodies are not to be found.

War is a black hole to avoid.”

The band was started in 1977 by the twin Roberts brothers Tony “Bones” (guitar) and Terry “Tezz” (drums). Originally a more straightforward, style punk band, Discharge had been knocking around in a few different incarnations before Clay Records owner Mike Stone moved to their stomping grounds of Stoke-on-Trent, England in 1979. Stone, a former Beggar’s Banquet A&R guy and manager/producer of the Lurkers, was impressed by an intense live show and signed the band onto his label. With singer Cal, and bassist Roy “Rainy” Wainwright, Discharge recorded their first EP Realities of War in 1980 with Stone producing. Clad in studded leather jackets with soap-spiked hair, Discharge embodied the dirty sound they made. The band knocked out two more singles before the end of the year, and then released the masterful 12″ EP Why? in 1981. On this release Tezz was replaced by new drummer Bambi.

Unfortunately the Live In Preston EP suffers from really poor sound quality, almost like someone snuck a tape recorder into the concert hall under their jacket, but if you know the songs they’re recognizable. The only reason to hold onto this is the unreleased track “Where’s Our Freedom.”

If you don’t have it, borrow it from someone, and then give it back after a listen.

Rating: * ** one out of three stars

On to the story . . .

A couple of years ago I took my son to the Farmer’s Market in Studio City, they’ve got pony rides, a petting zoo and train rides. We kill a morning, and he has a great time. The first time I took my son, we were standing at the pony rides, I was there for a while, and a guy comes up and stands next to me, he starts taking pictures of his kid on the horse. After a bit I look over, and it’s Mark Mothersbaugh, the singer for Devo, or in my son’s demographic the composer for the Rugrats cartoon. Anyway, we went back a couple Saturday’s later and again just as we were passing the pony rides Dave Grohl came up his with wife, and kid. In case you don’t know who Grohl is, he was the drummer for the Washington, DC punk band Scream, and then the drummer of some little band called Nirvana, and finally the singer and guitarist for Foo Fighters. And along the way he got to play with Pat Smear.

Every once in a while Foo Fighters will pop up at this club not too far from me in Tarzana, called Paladinos, for a surprise show, a pre-tour warm-up kind of thing. I’ve never seen them, nor have I been to the club, but I saw an ad for the place a while back in L.A. Weekly, or some similar magazine and it stated “Thursday’s Are Punk Rock Night.” I am curious, but whose version of punk? Mine, or today’s generation? I brought this up to a guy I used to work with, about my being hesitant on going. His response was I should go; the kids would respect me being an older guy, and still being into the scene. I disagreed. Back when I was going to shows in the early part of the 80’s, the older guys in the crowd, sort of, weirded me out.

Who knows, maybe one Thursday night I’ll drag myself out of the house and see what this “new” punk night is all about, and maybe I’ll bump into Dave Grohl and we’ll talk about the pony rides.



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  1. 1
    Eddie Cook Says:

    Mike~ Dig the story, don’t much like the band ~Eddie

  2. 2
    Mike E. Says:


    Thanks for reading.

    - Mike E.

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