Flipside Vinyl Fanzine Vol. 1

04 Jun

Flipside Vinyl Fanzine Vol. 1
1984 – Gasatanka Records
Released: 1984
Producer Various

1 – Dickies – Gigantor (Live Cleveland Agoura) – 2:23
2 – Government Issue – Religious Ripoff – 1:07
3 – The Freeze – No One Is Ever Coming Home – 1:22
4 – White Flag – Question of Intelligence – 2:35
5 – Kraut – Flossing With an E String – 1:40
6 – F – Attack – 2:50
7 – Plain Wrap – Meat between the Treads – 0:08
8 – Flag of Democracy – Madhouse – 1:45
9 – TSOL – Suppose They Gave A War – 3:38
10 – Adrenalin O.D. Me Three Bunch – 2:09
11 – Scream – Fight – 1:33
12 – The Undead – In Eighty-Four
13 – FU’s – Warlords (Live on WERS FM Boston) – 2:30
14 – Black Market Baby – Total Waste – 2:48
15 – Psycho – Master Race – 1:17
16 – Gay Cowboys in Bondage – Domestic Battlefield – 2:44
17 – Borscht – Suburbia – 1:34
18 – ASF – Big Women – 2:35
19 – G.B.H. Give Me Fire (Live At Perkins Palace, Pasadena) – 3:15

One of the “unique” elements of this comp is that it has a little spoken intro before each track done by the band. It serves as a kind of time capsule of sorts. You hear opinions on the different aspects of the “punk scene” at that time. Individuality (GI), patriotism (TSOL), violence at shows (Psycho), feminism (ASF), and the scene itself (Borscht) is all covered. Of course, the best bands are the ones who don’t care about any of this (FU’s and Black Market Baby) but it is funny hearing all of these little snippets today.

The first song is by the Dickies – Gigantor a fun song, no doubt. The ninth song is by the great (not with this line-up) TSOL – What If They Gave a War and No One Came: This song is the reason I got rid of this album. When I picked this up I was told/guaranteed that this was Jack Grisham singing on this track. The song is incredibly bland, and overall crappy, but I thought “no problem, Jack is experimenting, but after owning it for almost a year I found an old fanzine article about Joe Wood singing and picking the song, the album was gone by morning. The nineteenth song is by Charged GBH – Give Me Fire unfortunately it’s not as good as the studio version.

If you don’t own it, go and pick up TSOL’s Dance with me album, other than the Dickie’s track, everything else is garbage.

Rating: * ** one out of three stars

On to the story . . .

A couple of years after this album was released I lucked upon a job as a teller at a bank in Reseda, across the street from The Country Club, and Bebop Records. I worked there for about a year, and in the beginning I would small talk the customers until we had a meeting and the management said we need to kill the chitchat so that we could speed customers in and out and we’d get some bonus based on the most transactions per week. I think they made this decision shortly after I had Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs at my window for about twenty minutes talking about Welcome Back Kotter, and a cable movie (Angels of the City) he was directing.

Anyway, a week or two after we had the meeting, Lee Ving comes walking into the bank, looks around and then comes up to my window. But every time I started to go beyond “How would you like your bills?” I would get the eye from management. So, over the course of a year I waited on Lee Ving, but never got to rap with guy. It was kind of cool, to find out that he lived in my area, Reseda/Van Nuys.



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2 Responses to “Flipside Vinyl Fanzine Vol. 1”

  1. 1
    Eddie Cook Says:

    mike~ another cool review! tell us more about lee ving! ~eddie

  2. 2
    Mike Essington Says:


    Not much to say about Lee Ving. Saw him weekly at the bank, but wasn’t allowed to talk to him and saw him live, but rarely rapped with him. Not any good stores, sorry.

    Mike Essington

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