Symbol Six, Rikk Agnew, Bombay Snakes – LIVE

27 Jun

Symbol Six, Rikk Agnew, Bombay Snakes
Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA
Saturday, June 21, 2013

A week or so back when I was doing the book signing I was told that Symbol Six and Rikk Agnew were going to be playing a show/backyard party in the Valley soon, but for whatever reason I forgot.

Luckily my friend Gerry posted a picture of the start of Rikk Agnew’s set and I was able to make a call or two and get to the place just inside of 15 minutes. Caught the last part of Rikk’s set and see all of the Symbol Six and Bombay Snakes sets.

The first act of the day was the always great Rikk Agnew Band. Rikk did his regular set with songs like No Way, and Your 2 Late, and then they pause, and bring out singer Gitane Demone (former singer of Christian Death) and perform his latest track I Can’t Change The World.

Now, the second act of the afternoon, Symbol Six, one of the few bands that played back in the eighties that seem to have more young fans than the older throwback crowd.

Symbol Six’s last three or four shows they have been working as a four-piece band, which surprised me – as far back as I can remember they have been a five-piece . . . anyway, being critical guy I focused extra hard on guitarist Tony Fate’s six string work. And I hate to say I couldn’t tell the difference. He is all over the frets make that bad boy bleed.

The final band of the, now, evening was Bombay Snakes. I don’t want to say they were a pop-punk band, because that has a heavey negative connotation. So, I’ll say they were a really good punk band with a pop flair to their choruses.

If you have a chance to see any of these bands, go. You won’t have a chance to sit down, nor will you want to. All in all, a great show. The PA was good, Nubs Gutmacher had the boards under control, and I had a clear view of the bands. My overall assessment, a great afternoon.

At the end of the night I got to stand outside and talk to both Rikk Agnew and Gitane Demone. Gitane told how much she liked my book, I need to send them the second one. And I told Rikk what a great musician he is.

This is my favorite part of going to shows. Meeting and/or talking to people I grew up digging. No matter how old I get there is always this fan-boy part of me that comes out around certain people.

Fun night.



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    Eddie Cook Says:

    All I can say is I wish I was there~ Eddie

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