Mike E’s Top Ten of 2010

16 Jul

Mike E’s Top Ten of 2010

About a week or so back we did a readers poll of the top 10 of 2010, well. . . . I couldn’t keep my opinions to myself. So, with further ado here is my top 10:

10. Against Me – “White Crosses”

9. GBH – “Perfume and Piss”
Great political punk rock that everyone should check out!

8. Bad Religion – “30 Years Live”
I know some bell-end is going to bitch that I chose a live album, but guess what? I like it, so it’s on my list, chucklehead!

7. OFF!- “EP”

6. Johnny Cash – “American VI: Ain’t No Grave”
Ole JR should probably sit at number one, but I couldn’t put all the albums at number one, so . . .

5. Volbeat – “Beyond Hell/Above Heaven”
These guys from Denmark are hard to classify, death metal, rockabilly, and street punk all on the same album, all together you have a kick-ass album.

4. Joey Briggs – “Politics, Touring & Self Loathing EP”
A very clever, and original EP, it reminds you of The Briggs, but it’s also very different from The Briggs, go figure . . .

3. Your Arsenal – “Demo”
Great choruses and great vocals, shoot . . . it’s a great band.

2. Symbol Six – “Monsters 11”
Over the years I’ve had many, many albums given to me with the instruction “Give it another listen, it gets better.” I didn’t receive that instruction this time, but every time I listen to this album I like it more and more.

1. Street Dogs – “Street Dogs”
Street Dogs add one more passionate working class punk album to their already impressive catalog, fist-pumping sing-along, what more do you need?

Honorable mention: Bad Religion – The Dissent of Man, Motorhead – the World Is Yours, and Gaslight Anthem – America Slang.



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One Response to “Mike E’s Top Ten of 2010”

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    Eddie Cook Says:

    Mike~ I love all of these (haven’t listened to the joey briggs one). Great picks ~eddie

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