January 7, 2015 Show

07 Jan


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From out of nowhere, it’s a brand new episode.

Tracks played:
01. Boston Strangler – We Don’t Need (Fire)
02. Dagger Eyes – Capitulate (The Dagger Eyes)
03. The Ladies – New Shame (Six More Reasons to Hate The Ladies)
04. Pink Lincolns – Cotton Mather (Headache)
05. Adrenalin OD – Fuck The Neighbors (Humongousfungusamongus)
06. Hassler – Empty Space (Teenage Nightmare EP)
07. Little Ease – Potential (EP)
08. Bad Assets Calling All Cars (Bad Idea EP)
09. Agnostic Front – Power (Victim In pain)
10. Violent Arrest – Fear (Violent Arrest)
11. He Who Cannot Be Named – Die Die Die (Love & Hate)
12. Nervosas – Unstable (Ardentes)
13. Kraut – Don’t Believe (Complete Studio Recordings)
14. The Panics – I Wanna Kill My Mom (Please Panic!)
15. Upright Citizens – I Hate Church (Bombs of Peace EP)
16. Galactic Cannibal – We’re Fucked (Demo)
17. Off! – Toxic Box (Off!)
18. The 4-Squares – Jailbreak (Save the Clock Tower)
19. Terminal State – Four Walls (Your Rules)
20. Tricky Dick – Experiences (Discography)
21. The Midgetmen – Glue Factory (Loud Enough)
22. Single Mothers – Marbles (Negative Qualities)
23. Government Issue -They Know (Complete History Volume 1)
24. By the Throat – Disagree to Agree (One Good Night EP)
25. Formaldehyde Junkies – Shitty Life (…Are a Total Wreck)
26. D.O.A – He’s Got A Gun (We Come In Peace)
27. M.D.C. – Pollution (Mobocracy split w/The Restarts)
28. Misery Addict – Addict (Misery Addict EP)
29. Breakout – Razor Wire (single)
30. No Sir, I Won’t – Radio Shit (The Whole Fucking world Is Shit)

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