Eric Leach – LIVE

23 Apr

Maui Sugar Mill Saloon

Maui Sugar Mill Saloon

Eric Leach
Maui Sugar Mill Saloon, Tarzana, CA
Sunday, April 10, 2016
Time: 9:00 PM

Eric Leach

Eric Leach

When I heard that Eric Leach was going to put out a solo album, I have to admit I wasn’t overjoyed. I have, over the years, listened to many fine singers leave their band to partake in a little “vanity project.” I am rarely happy with the results. I enjoy Rancid, but wasn’t crazy about Tim Armstrong’s solo album (and I’m sure he’s absolutely devastated to hear this) and then Greg Graffin of Bad Religion (who I haven’t followed much since the 80’s) put out a solo album that had my dog contemplating suicide.

Back to Mr. Leach. I heard the album was being recorded and my thoughts were: Are Symbol Six breaking up? The band has some bad-ass musicians, great songs – what the hell? Leach said that the band is solid and he just wanted to write, play and perform some of his own stuff. OK, fair enough.

The album is pretty damn good, in case you haven’t heard it. Now, imagine how surprised I was when I heard he was going to do some solo shows and they would be fifteen minutes from my house. I had to go.

The crowd was full of punk rock alumni, Billy Bones from The Skulls, Felix Alanis from RF7 and members of Symbol Six.

Leach performed two sets, one at 9:00 and the second set at 10:00. I stayed for both and let me tell you I was very impressed. He was a natural up there with his guitar, just making small talk and jamming. The overall feel was that of a coffee house in New York back in the 1960’s. A bunch of people together that wanted to hear the music. Not like most clubs nowadays, a bunch of lunkheads wanting to be seen.

This, by far, was the best evening I have spent in a long time.



Born Frustrated is available now:

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    Eddie Cook Says:

    Damn, sorry I missed the show

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