TSOL – Thoughts of Yesterday

19 May



Thoughts of Yesterday
November 10, 1992

Mike Roche – bass
Ron Emory – guitar
Jack Grisham – vocals
Todd Barnes – drums

1. Peace thru Power
2. Property Is Theft
3. Word Is
4. Abolish Government/Silent Majority
5. Weathered Statues
6. Thoughts of Yesterday
7. Superficial Love
8. Man and Machine
9. No Way Out
10. World War III
11. The Apartment
12. Talk about Living
13. Tender Fury: Big E’s Night-Move
14. Tender Fury: Statutory Story
15. Tender Fury: Kill Cindy
16. Tender Fury: What We Got
17. Tender Fury: Running Around Again
18. Tender Fury: Let It Go
19. Tender Fury: Mercy Ride
20. Tender Fury: Look Back In Anger

Thoughts of Yesterday 1981-1982 is a 1987 compilation release from True Sounds of Liberty originally issued by Posh Boy this is the 1992 CD reissue by Rhino, which includes bonus tracks from Tender Fury featuring Jack Grisham on vocals.

Formed in 1978 in Long Beach, California, T.S.O.L. originated as a hardcore band, developing from earlier bands Johnny Koathanger and the Abortions, and SS Cult. Later on, Vicious Circle would form and T.S.O.L. would take a brief hiatus.

Featuring the lineup of vocalist Jack Grisham (who has been credited as Jack Greggors, Alex Morgan, Jack Ladoga, Jim Woo and James DeLauge), guitarist Ron Emory, bassist Mike Roche, and drummer Todd Barnes, the band’s first release was a harshly political eponymous EP featuring tracks such as “Superficial Love,” “World War III” and “Abolish Government.”

After their debut 5 song T.S.O.L. EP in 1979 and 1980 they released Dance with Me. They later signed to independent label Alternative Tentacles, for which they released the Weathered Statues EP and the Beneath the Shadows album, which featured, for the first time, keyboard player Greg Kuehn.

Amid personnel turmoil, Grisham, Barnes, and Kuehn all left the band in 1983, with Joe Wood and Mitch Dean joining on vocals and drums respectively. This new line-up released three albums on Enigma Records, touring globally to support each album, and united a world audience with Change Today? in 1984, this continued the post-punk direction and ended this era with Revenge in 1986 and Hit and Run in 1987. All three albums featured a more polished production, keeping punk and hardcore tunes.

If you don’t own it, go and pick it up.

Rating: ** * two out of three stars

On to the story . . .

This is my metaphor for the current punk scene. By now everybody knows how if you pop up into the “scene,” no matter how talented you are, there will be people who will say (behind your back), “He wasn’t around in the beginning, “or “No one has ever heard of him,” etc.

And all the old (most of them anyway) punks, get bent out of shape at the newer bands, “Rancid is just the Clash recycled.”

This is what it’s like: remember in junior high, if you were a bit of an outcast when you hung out in a little click. You had your little section of the lawn to sit at and complain about the popular kids? Then one day a new girl comes over. She’s shy and wants to sit with you. You’re delighted to have someone to complain to about the “popular kids.”

Then one day you see her in class talking to a popular kid. In between classes you ask her to come and hang out in your basement and play Dungeons and Dragons. She can’t, she’s going to the mall with a few of the popular girls from school.

Guess what? She’s the scene.



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    Eddie Cook Says:

    Love the story!

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