Eric Leach – LIVE

26 May

Eric Leach

Eric Leach

Eric Leach
Bar One, North Hollywood, CA
Monday, May 23, 2016
Time: 9:15 PM

Eric Leach

Eric Leach

Eric Leach performed his set, at around 9:00. I stayed for the whole set and let me tell you I was very impressed. He was a natural up there with his guitar, just making small talk and jamming. The overall feel was that of a coffee house in New York back in the 1960’s. A bunch of people together that wanted to hear the music. Not like most clubs nowadays, a bunch of lunkheads wanting to be seen.

I have to admit while Leach was tearing carrying out his gear, a second act, a guy and a girl hopped on stage and started playing. They were one of those acts that Simon Cowell might say, “I liked the guitar strap, have you considered a lobotomy?”

Initially, when I heard that Leach was going to put out a solo album, I have to admit I wasn’t overjoyed. I have, over the years, listened to many fine singers leave their band to partake in a little “vanity project.” I am rarely happy with the results. I enjoy Rancid, but wasn’t crazy about Tim Armstrong’s solo album (and I’m sure he’s absolutely devastated to hear this) and then Greg Graffin of Bad Religion (who I haven’t followed much since the 80’s) put out a solo album that had my dog contemplating suicide.

The album is pretty damn good, in case you haven’t heard it. Now, imagine how surprised I was when I heard he was going to do some solo shows and they would be fifteen minutes from my house. I had to go.

The crowd was full of punk rock alumni, members of White Flag Down, Go-Go Riot, Jenna Syde and The Watchers and Man-Wray.

This was definitely an evening well spent.



Born Frustrated is available now:

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    Eddie Cook Says:

    Cool review!

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