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Top 10 Punk Front Men

30 Jun

Top 10 Punk Front Men   Number 10 Eric Leach At a time when punk bands seem to rely solely on their back catalog, Leach and Symbol Six have bypassed the whole nostalgia circuit and perform almost a new and much harder set of songs. While most of their contemporaries have a wall of security […]

Who Is Billy Bones?

25 Jun

Who Is Billy Bones? Billy Bones, Christina Fortuna, Dani Fortuna, Eileen Fortuna, Christa Collins and more June 22, 2016 – Cola Kat Directed by: Kathy Kolla Who Is Billy Bones? highlights the four-decade-long music career of legendary punk rock vocalist Steven “Billy Bones” Fortuna. Billy Bones was an early pioneer of the punk genre, fronting […]

Rancid – Rancid

21 Jun

Rancid Rancid May 10, 1993 Epitaph Records Tim Armstrong – vocals, guitar, Matt Freeman – bass, vocals Brett Reed – drums 1. Adina 2. Hyena 3. Detroit 4. Rats in the Hallway 5. Another Night 6. Animosity 7. Outta My Mind 8. Whirlwind 9. Rejected 10. Injury 11. The Bottle 12. Trenches 13. Holiday Sunrise […]

Whatever68 Radio 4-Year Festival

17 Jun

Whatever68 Radio 4-Year Festival MandoShanks, Los Homeless, Carpit, Rodents, Destruction Made Simple, NSA, A Bleeding Sky, Damaged, Sculpins, Midnight Track and Agent 86 The Bancroft, Spring Valley, CA Saturday, April 2, 2016 Time: 3:00 PM The Whatever68 Festival was a great success. The bands, MandoShanks, Los Homeless, Carpit, Rodents, Destruction Made Simple, NSA, A Bleeding […]

Channel 3 – I’ve Got a Gun/Lights Out

15 Jun

Channel 3 I’ve Got a Gun/Lights Out 1991 Anagram Records Mike Magrann – guitar, vocals Kimm Gardener – guitar Larry Kelley – bass Mike Burton – drums 1. Fear Of Life 2. Out Of Control 3. I’ve Got A Gun 4. Wetspots 5. Accident 6. You Make Me Feel Cheap 7. You Lie 8. Catholic […]

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