The Sold and Bones, The Vigils & Eric Leach – LIVE!

19 Jul

The Sold and Bones, The Vigils & Eric Leach
Maui Sugar Mill Saloon, Tarzana, CA
Saturday, July 2, 2016
Time: 9:00 PM

Eric Leach performed his set, at around 9:00. I stayed for the whole set and let me tell you I was very impressed. He was a natural up there with his guitar, just making small talk and jamming. Start-up tune-up/first number was Knocking On Heaven’s Door. It was more faithful to Dylan’s version than the more current Gun ‘N Roses version. It went over well. The only downside of this show was that the guitarist from the headlining band was sitting behind my table and talked through Leach’s set and The Vigils set, and god-forbid anyone acknowledged him he would start drumming on his table, spilling drinks and overall being an embarrassment. I understand the mind-set, you get a chance to work with a legend, so you automatically think you are, then your ego gets confused. It happens.

Leach’s album is pretty damn good, in case you haven’t heard it. Now, imagine how surprised I was when I heard he was going to do some solo shows and they would be fifteen minutes from my house. I had to go.

The Vigils had a nice clean sound. They were worth seeing.

Unfortunately, after my table, and the three around me, turning around to ask the “headlining guitarist” to pipe down, I, like many of us, walked out as he was tuning-up. I support Billy Bones, but not all the musicians he surrounds himself with.




Misconceptions of Hell is available now:

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One Response to “The Sold and Bones, The Vigils & Eric Leach – LIVE!”

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    Eddie Cook Says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen that guy around. I can’t tell if he’s a drunk or an asshole

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