Symbol Six, Piss ‘N Blood, White Flag Down, Clepto, No Victor – LIVE!

04 Oct

Symbol Six, Piss ‘N Blood, White Flag Down, Clepto, No Victor
On The Rox, Hollywood, CA
Thursday, January 5, 2011
Admission $5.00
Time: 9:00 PM

So, I snuck out on a Thursday night. I’m pretty much a fuddy-duddy; I’ve only done weeknight shows four or five times in my life. And I notice the older I get, the harder it is to get my shit together the next day.

Anyway, I heard there was going to be a fairly big show at the club above the Roxy called On The Rox on Sunset Boulevard. I haven’t been to this place in about twenty years. One night I went with some of the members of 13th Love, a roadie for Guns ‘N Roses and spent some time chatting with Vince Neil’s wife Sharice (don’t ask).

When I heard there was going to be a punk show here how could I say no? The only downside is the parking. I couldn’t find anything under $10.00, but what are you going to do, refuse?

By the time I parked, got to the club, said a few “hellos,” and got to the door I had missed the first band No Victor. So . . . I review them, sorry.

I walk in and the second band, Clepto, has started. Not exactly my type of music, it seemed to be . . . just noise. But in their defense, there were plenty of people that were completely into them, dancing, banging their heads or whatever you do.

Midway through the set, the guitarist or bassist yells to the crowd, “Bang your fucking heads,” WTF?! Sorry, but at this point, they kind of lost me.

The second band that I got to see was White Flag Down. I don’t know how to describe their type of punk, other than it’s about my favorite kind. Some people prefer the kind of punk where it’s nothing, but screaming and the sound of a belt-sander on a chalkboard. The vocalist, Coop can sing and the band throws in a classic blast of punk with an occasional seventies metal riff snuck in here and there.

I was trying to describe their sound to a friend of mine, and I said they were a cross between Blitz and Rancid, which for me is a damn near perfect combination. They played my favorite song of theirs, Easy Is Her Name. Good solid band.

Finally, around 11:00 or so Symbol Six hit the stage. This is the second time I’ve seen Symbol Six with the addition of new guitarist Tony (from The Bell-Rays and The Black Widows).

The band was tighter than a gnat’s ass. People dancing (that’s right, dancing, not slamming), members of White Flag Down are on stage singing along on the mike. Symbol Six has a new EP coming out soon on Suicide Kings Records, and the new tracks were getting great reactions.

By the time they got off stage, I was dead on my feet. I was The Walking Dead. So, I skated my ass out of there.

All in all, a great show.




Misconceptions of Hell is available now:

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One Response to “Symbol Six, Piss ‘N Blood, White Flag Down, Clepto, No Victor – LIVE!”

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    Eddie Cook Says:

    Bad-ass show. I loved WFD!

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