My Top 10 Bassists

11 Oct

My Top 10 Bassists

Number 10
Evan Shanks

Evan took over bass duties from bassist Donny Brook (Symbol Six) and has been kicking ass up and down the West Coast. With a new EP ready to drop, you can check him out first hand.

Number 9
Jean Beauvoir

Most people only knew him as the black dude with the white Mohawk from The Plasmatics. He also played in Steve Van Zandt’s band and wrote and produced for The Ramones, Kiss, and many others, as well as a truckload of soundtrack work.

Number 8

From his early days with Fear to his current Chili Pepper status, Flea has always been a strong supporter of the “scene.” I remember seeing him pop up at all the old L.A. shows.

Number 7
Mike Watt

On some people’s list, Mike would be at number one. His ex-wife Kyra would be at two. Though I not a huge fan of his musical output, I can’t deny his talent.

Number 6
Paul Simonon

What would the Clash be without Paul’s solid playing?

Number 5
Chuck Dukowski

What I always dug about Chuck D’s playing was it seemed like he played lead guitar on the bass, not a typical rhythm section. He was damn good.

Number 4
Mike Roche

From his hardcore playing on the early TSOL EP to his Death Rock playing, Roche’s bass work was always on the money.

Number 3
Glen Matlock

Even if you’re not a fan, you can’t dismiss the songs he wrote, all classics. From what I hear there was a problem with all his feet washing.

Number 2
Lemmy Kilmister

Next to Geezer Butler, nobody played a more punk style in the “heavy metal” world. The only minus in Lemmy’s career was his duet with Wendy O. Williams.

Number 1
Dee Dee Ramone

What can you say about Dee Dee? He set the standard for punk bass playing.

Honorable mentions: Jay Bentley, and Donny Brook.




Misconceptions of Hell is available now:

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2 Responses to “My Top 10 Bassists”

  1. 1
    Roger Dean Says:

    Great list!

  2. 2
    Dave Says:

    Good list. Yeah, Dukowski’s playing was great.

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