Symbol Six, RF7, White Flag Down, The Gypz, The Perverts – LIVE

18 Oct

Symbol Six, RF7, White Flag Down, The Gypz, The Perverts
The Redwood, Los Angeles, CA
Friday, January 27, 2012
Admission $5.00
Time: 9:00 PM

This place is pretty cool to hang out, lots of seating, but if you want to see the stage you have to get in close. There are only a couple of booths to sit at; otherwise, you’re chancing the pit.

As a, somewhat, regular to this club I swoop into the parking lot, pay my $5.00, walk around the corner, and I’m in like Flynn.

By the time I parked, got to the club, said a few “hellos,” and got to the door I had missed the first band The Perverts. So — I can’t review them, sorry.

I walk in and the second band, White Flag Down, is ready to start. These guys are better every time I see them. The vocalist, Coop can sing and the band throws in a classic blast of punk with an occasional seventies metal riff snuck in here and there. Great stuff.

Here’s where the night got fun. Somewhere between leaving my house and getting to the Redwood, I lost my camera. I just got a brand-new Android phone (don’t know how to work it), and there was no way I was going to watch a show and not photograph it. So, I head to the front of the stage holding my phone up (sideways) the place is super-calm, so I’m taking my time to snap pictures and learn how the phone works. Then all at once a three-person slam pit breaks out. Some ass-hat hits me in the eye, and since I didn’t stop to think, “Oh, they’re just slamming.” I instantly punched back. I hit some guy in the head. Then some guy comes up behind me and does this bear-hug/prison rape attempt, I drop my new phone, as I behind down to get it this guy won’t let go of me. Some I grab him by the shirt and pull him to the ground. Once I retrieve my (unbroken) phone, I leave the fuckin’ pit.

Now back in the early eighties when slamming became the staple of hardcore punk shows, it was based on the pace of the music, the energy in the room. Nowadays, a band could be playing a ballad and these jerk-offs will go ape-shit.

Here’s my theory on it: you get a roomful of people that weren’t loved enough by mom, and loved too much by dad (follow me so far?) They will fill up on booze, hit the slam pit with one goal in mind, “God dammit, I’m going to prove to the world that I am a man!”

That’s great; if it helps you sleep on your tear-soaked pillow, then slam, ass-hat. The only problem is if I am tapping my foot, and you’re swept up in a surge of homoerotic energy, and ram me during a slow-paced rock song, I’m going to lay you out. And the beauty of being a gray-haired 45-year-old man is that security doesn’t seem to believe that I had anything to do with these guys laying face down on the concrete.

The third band on was The Gypz. I believe this was their first or second show. They were still working out some kinks. Not bad. I’ll check them out in a few more shows.

The fourth band on was RF7, they played a super-tight set.

When I first bought the Public Service album RF7 were my favorite band, for about a month based on these four tracks, I even went as far as painting their name on the base of my leather jacket. Felix Alanis, in my opinion, created this, almost, monster-style of singing, this sound is everywhere now from Slipknot to Lamb of God. RF7, mavericks? Maybe.

They wound up their set with the entire room singing along with them to “Fuck Money,” while Felix lit a $20.00 bill on fire. Is he aware of our economy? Afterward, Felix and Nick signed my copy of Public Service.

Finally, the last band of the night: Symbol Six hit the stage. The band was tighter than a gnat’s ass. People dancing slamming with vocalist Eric Leach in the pit, members of White Flag Down and (producer) Phillip Raves are on stage singing along on the mike. Symbol Six has a new EP coming out soon on Suicide Kings Records, and the new tracks were getting great reactions.

By the time they got off stage, I was ready to have the band sign their 1982 Posh By EP. I was in full fanboy mode throughout the night.

Another great show.




Misconceptions of Hell is available now:

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    Eddie Cook Says:

    Great show!

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